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How to AI script with sequencer type spells


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Hello everyone.

Sorry for my english. I hope for your help in writing the AI script. I want to trigger a spell of the sequence type with predefined elements.

Now I do (like Easy of Use scripts):

	HaveSpellRES("SPWI809")  // No such index
		DisplayStringHead(Myself,103539)  // Try cause Spell Sequencer
		ApplySpellRES("dw#alac",Myself) // Improved Alacrity
		SpellRES("SPWI809",Myself) // Spell Sequencer


I would like to change this code so that you do not need to select 3 spells manually. Several versions of this script on different keys and I will be happy.

A code sample or implementation in another mod would help me a lot.


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