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Testing compatibility of mod with EET, can I start in BG2?

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Hey guys,

Making a quest mod for EET, a quest that begins in BG2 and finishes in ToB. Can I start a new game in BG2 with EET to test for compatibility? Are there any problems that can arise from skipping BG1 when testing? My quest is purely BG2 + ToB so I don't see why but who knows, I didn't make EET!


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if the quest mod works on BG2:EE, then you don't have to worry about compatibility with EET, other then evaluating chapter numbers during mod installation (see documentation for hints how to implement it in weidu code) and ensuring that the GAME_IS (if its used) recognizes the platform.


Are there any problems that can arise from skipping BG1 when testing?


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8 hours ago, Daxtreme said:

Well the quest starts in SoA and continues into ToB but then you have to return back to SoA to finish it, which is impossible in BG2EE.

That's why I'm making it for EET!

sounds nice, feel free to create a topic in this forum section, once you have something to share regarding your mod :)

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