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SHS: Fade updates to v5.2 with bugfixes!

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Fade NPC


Fade is a shadow thief, under the employ of Aran Linvail. With her crimson hair, crimson eyes and lashing tail, she is definitely not your regular elf-on-the-street; she is a fey'ri, a part succubus with a temper to match. At first, her reasons for joining the party are unclear - is she a spy? Or something else...


Version 5.2 comes with improved EET compatibility and bugfixes. Also, the dialogue scripting should be more stable now, with no longer skipping of romance talks.



-Even more EET-friendly code by Jastey
-Fade should interject in Watcher's Keep in SoA, interjections at Watcher's Keep should not end the dialogues in ToB
-Slaver quest should not start if Fade is not romanced
-Replaced STATE_SLEEPING check for scripts with CD_STATE_NOTVALID
-Added InMyArea("E3Fade") to interjections in ToB
-Added See("E3Fade") !StateCheck("E3FADE",CD_STATE_NOTVALID) to interjections in SoA
-Changing instances of "…" to "..." and "`" to "'" in fade.tra
-Adding map note text of E3AR0500.baf to fade-setup.tra
-First call of setup-fade.tra goes to "Fade/Tra/classic/english/setup-fade.tra" so doubled setup.tra in the "autotra" folder is not needed.
-Added InParty(Myself) !StateCheck(Myself,CD_STATE_NOTVALID) CombatCounter(0) !See([ENEMY]) to banter.
-Dialogues trigger more stable, no more skipped dialogues, no more "empty" start of romance music.
-Viconia's romance conflict dialogue should always trigger.
-Improved compatibility: Using COPY_TRANS after first INTERJECT into ARAN.dlg.




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