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efficient way to replicate single-class kits

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Let's say I was crazy and wanted to make multiclass copies of every single-class kit in the game.  Do you think this can be effectively automated?

Let's stick to the vanilla kits.  Make a fighter/cleric Berserker, a fighter/thief Berserker, and a fighter/mage Berserker; a fighter/cleric Kensai, a fighter/thief Kensai, and a fighter/mage Kensai; etc. for the finite and known list of kits that ship with the game.

Does that seem feasible?  Is the COPY_KIT function up to snuff these days?  I have a vague recollection of reading that COPY_KIT has not been updated for the EEs to the same extent that ADD_KIT has been. 

Ideally, this could all go inside something like

ACTION_FOR EACH kit IN ~clabfi01~ ~clabfi02~ ~clabfi03~ [etc.] BEGIN

Then 1) set a bunch of variables with the necessary info from kitlist.2da; 2) run COPY_KIT; 3) run fl#_add_kit_ee if necessary; and 4) run QDMulti.

From your perspective, if I go down this path, am I just going to spend 10 hours banging my head against it, only to find that it won't really work?  Is it likely that the only way to do this is to craft clones of each kit by hand?

All thoughts welcome.

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It could definitely be automated (with the caveat that I don't really know how QDMULTI works), but my guess is that you'd do better rolling your own code rather than having to rely on COPY_KIT - you're going to have to do a lot of your own coding anyway and there's less likelihood of tripping up if you control everything.

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