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G3/Kerzenburgforum: bgqe v19 with bugfix!

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Gibblerings Three


Baldur's Gate Mini Quests and Encounters

Baldur's Gate Mini Quests and Encounters Modification (BGQE) is a mod for "vanilla" BG1 (with the add-on Tales of the Sword Coast), BG1Tutu v4, EasyTutu, BGT, BG:EE, and EET, adding several small quests and encounters to the game. Vanilla BG1 without TotSC is no longer officially supported, but it should still work for it.

Version 19 comes with some bugfixes and improved compatibility.


-"Slimequest":  Tulbor should give the antidotes after the PC bought them; "neutral" ending gives solved quest entry now, too.
-"A warm place for Noober": added a general question to Joseph's wife to make it less awkward that the PC cannot ask about help for Noober if woman is spoken to first time - not to overwrite her first dialogue. This will lead to receiving the quest about her husband. If spoken to again, the Noober quest will proceed.
-typo fixes
-added REQUIRE_PREDICATE GAME_IS just to make sure.
-added DESIGNATED numbers to components to detect Brage's Sword correctly
-"Brage's Sword" is now unified with the quest content of the mod "Brage's Redemption" and also detects the mod "Brage's Redemption" in case it is already installed.


Install this mod before bg1npc project. Otherwise, some reply options are gone.

Visit the Mod Page at G3

Forum at G3

Download at G3

Discussionthread at Kerzenburgforum (German)

Download at Kerzenburgforum

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