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The hag animations


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These animations belong to HAG_NIGHT, HAG_GREEN and HAG_ANNIS, but the BAM files are nowhere to be found. They are supposed to start with MHAG. Miloch's Infinity Animations includes the animations, but in a useless format. Instead of being divided into separate files for walking, attacking, casting and so on, with proper structure, the frames are all pressed into two large BAMs the engine can't recognize. Does anybody know where proper, separate, engine-recognizable hag files can be found?

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Either you wait for the Infinity animations next release, or you copy-rename the hag and annis files. As for their format, it's what we call the BGB2 UNSPLIT extended, mostly used in BG2-ToB, and much better than IWD one because it offers more directions and allows smoother creatures movement.



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