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Imoen 4 Ever Bugthread

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At the very beginning of the labyrinth, Imoen disappears right as Bodhi leaves.  I don't get the chance to invite her back into the group.  I also have the Ajantis mod loaded.  He says 'There's Imoen' but she's already poofed.  Any ideas?

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Not a bug, per se, but I found a file while browsing NI named %THIEVESMAZE%.BCS with the following code:

    RESPONSE #100

I figure it's a attempt at using a variable for a file name that went awry?  Is the global C#IM_ImoenInSoD the one I could use in Transitions to determine if I4E is still installed when I do the palace talks after Sarevok is dead?  Should I install it there manually to do my testing?  Or is this just a hang over that wasn't meant to be there at all?


That is one of the areas that has an empty script file and the extend bottom probably failed.  That's one area where I've needed to check for it's script file existing in the game prior to editing to make sure I don't need to actually create it instead.


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Guest Raekith

I have a rather strange bug.  When I go to Brynnlaw, Imoen is not abducted from the party like she is supposed to be.  This plays through normally until I get to Spellhold, where two Imoens are loaded, one with all the gear and experience from playing and the other as a fresh out of Chateau Irenicus Imoen.  After getting bhaal powers stripped and dumped into the maze, Bodhi does her taunt, then I'm left with two Imoens, one of which is immediately whisked away to somewhere unselectable and uninteractable (the one from my party before, not the fresh Imoen).  I can neither interact with this Imoen, nor can I remove her from the party, either with reform party or with ctrl-k.  I can add the new Imoen to my party no problem, but I can't change rooms at all.  I just get the "You must gather your party before venturing forth." message.  Any help on how I can possibly recover this save?

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