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I thought I would start a thread to use when a new version is up. So... 1.1 is here! What's new? Many things:

  • Replaced blur effect with a combination of glow and transparency
  • Replaced creation of a new .cre with a transfer of SoA Yoshimo to ToB.
  • Check if Yoshimo's heart was brought to the temple of Ilmater if played both SoA and ToB (does not affect ToB-only games)
  • Lock "Bring me Yoshimo" in the Fate Spirit dialogue. Yoshimo has his own "entrance" in ToB.
  • Added a special race for him that should work better with his "state".
  • Added a special effect to his soundset in ToB that should also work better with his "state".
  • Added a dual-class option.
  • Better check for games that also have Yoshimo Romance installed.


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