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Ascension and atweaks


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I'm using the following components from the mod atweaks:

Revised Bhaalpowers
This component revises the Bhaalpowers which the Protagonist receives in BG1 (or at the start of BG2) due to his divine heritage. It can be installed in two ways. The first option converts the Bhaalpowers into slightly more useful and unique abilities whose effectiveness scales with the Protagonist's level. A detailed description of the revised Bhaalpowers is available online. The second option retains the original Bhaalpowers and merely reduces their casting time to 1 which is consistent with other spell-like abilities as well as the casting time of the advanced Bhaalpowers that the Protagonist receives by completing the pocket plane challenges in Throne of Bhaal. 


Regain Bhaalpowers in ToB
This component allows the player to regain the Bhaalpowers that were lost along with the player character's soul. The powers are regained upon making the transition into ToB. Starting a new game in ToB is also supported but players of good alignment will just gain good powers, players of evil alignment will just gain evil powers and players of neutral alignment will gain one of each power.
ATTENTION: For some reason the game may not recognise the Vampiric Touch Bhaalpower on BGT. If that happens and you start BG2 with one use of Vampiric Touch you will gain 2 uses of Draw Upon Holy Might in ToB. If you start BG2 with 2 uses of Vampiric Touch you will gain 2 uses of Draw Upon Holy Might in ToB if your alignment is good, 2 uses of Vampiric Touch if your alignment is evil and 1 use of each if your alignment is neutral.

So.. what happens if I go for Ascension component that adds back the powers? I'll be honest, I wanted the power contained in ascension that you gain in the pocket plane, because when you get them from unfinished bussiness, you get no description and no dialogue entry. Is there any way I can get:

The powers from BG1 +  them being improved

together with the powers added by Ascension? (hopefully with dialogue entries and names + description)?

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In case it matters, I have installed from aTweaks (after SCS) the component to standardize the Bhaalspawn powers but not the regain powers component (used the Ascension one) and everything seems to be working fine, at least up to where I am in the game (BGT chapter VIII of BG1, with only Durlag's Tower and the end battle to finish to get to SoA), with the possible exception that the third good Bhaalspawn power is named "Divine Might" and not "Draw Upon Holy Might" or some variation thereupon. Cheking the spell (spin103) in NI, everything seems to be just fine and dandy.

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