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Glam's NPC Pack: Overview and FAQ

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Glam's NPC Pack adds five playable NPCs to Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition, Tutu and Trilogy. From left to right, they are:

DAVE: Human Priest of Talos. Chaotic Evil.
FLARA: Human Dragon Disciple. (Vanilla Sorcerer in Tutu/BGT.) Chaotic Neutral.
LITTLUN PLUNKETT: Halfling Archer. Neutral Good.
MOIDRE: Dwarven Defender. (Vanilla Fighter in Tutu/BGT.) Lawful Neutral.
VYND: Drow Assassin. Neutral Evil.

See their full profiles in the readme!

Note that while all NPCs except Littlun are not supposed to care about reputation, this feature is not supported in BGEE. Maybe the 2.6 patch will fix this! Maybe the 2.6 patch will come out someday! The world is full of mysteries.



Where are they again?

DAVE: Beregost, near the obelisk
FLARA: Nashkel, Belching Dragon Inn
LITTLUN: Bear River (Area N of Gnoll Stronghold), southwest corner
MOIDRE: Beregost, Red Sheaf Inn
VYND: Beregost, Burning Wizard Inn

Do I have to use all of them together?

No! Each character can be recruited independently, and will banter with the other mod NPCs and the original Bioware cast.

Is there player-initiated dialogue?

Yes, but not all options are available immediately. More dialogue will unlock as their friendship talks and quests progress. If they have nothing to say, check back later.

Will kicking them out break the friendship?

No. All NPCs can be removed from the party at any time and told to wait where they are or at an inn.

Will they leave if I take too long about their quests?

Littlun will want to do something immediately after being recruited, which she will make clear. Otherwise, no.

I can't take Moidre's helmet off!

I know.

I just want Vynd, and I already have the standalone mod. Do I need to download this one instead now?

No. Other than his interactions with the new characters, Vynd hasn't changed. You aren't missing anything.


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Guest Lolth98860


Je tiens à vous féliciter pour ce mod qui relance mon intérêt pour BG, sachant que je suis sous BGT avec une méga installation. J'ai intégré Flara, Vynd et Moidre dans mon groupe et je trouve les personnages plutôt bien construits.

Flara est vraiment la meilleure idée je trouve ; ce personnage mériterait d'être creusé afin de pouvoir poursuivre son aventure dans baldur's gate 2 (lien de filiation avec Firkraag ?) ; avoir un dragon mauvais dans son équiipe serait un atout...ou un handicap sévère pour le groupe. Une quète fantastique pour retrouver sa forme draconique ?

Bref j'ai pas mal d'idées, si vous souhaitez en discuter (dsl plutôt en français mais aussi en anglais possible).

Flara a vraiment un énorme potentiel dans ce jeu.


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