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Jastey's SoD Tweakpack

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Just like in BG1 start: startare.2da;

START_XP            0          

And the same file in BG2:

START_XP                89000

.. also it's just the minimum, so if your character file you import already has greater than the boundary, it's not reset to the limit, but can be anything between that and the cap set in the other variable of the file.

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The mod updates to v3!

Version 3 comes with a new component: "Adjust PC's Starting XP at Beginning of SoD" by subtledoctor! Thank you very much, @subtledoctor for contributing the component!

Also, it now uses inconv for text transformation between original and EEs.



-added new component: Adjust PC's Starting XP at Beginning of SoD, by subtledoctor
-uses HANDLE_CHARSETS for text convertion
-added c#sodtweaks.ini with mod info


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The mod updates to v4 with a Russian translation by yota13 and some more reply options in the game!

Changelog v4:
- Russian translation added, by yota13
-"Skip Korlasz' Dungeon": compatibility with Transitions mod added
-"More Dialogue Choices & Prevent Dead Ends": new contents:
    --More reply options to shorten the dialogue with the 'Hooded Man' in Palace 3rd floor.
    --More reply options to shorten the repetitive dialogue with Duke Eltan in the Palace.

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