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Request: BG1/2 sound sets for IWD:EE (selection sound missing)

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Hi, everyone.

I've been scouring the internet for the vanilla BG2 sound sets to little avail. The one set I did find just a little while ago I could not get working with IWD:EE fully (for example, my characters wouldn't respond to being selected). More specifically, I am looking for Jaheira's, Imoen's, Aerie's, Anomen's, Minsc's and the Hero's (Aggressive from BG1 I believe but that one I can easily extract from the game files) sound sets that are used in Baldur's Gate 2. I've tried cross-referencing the sound file naming conventions for BG and IWD and I haven't found any major discrepancies so I'm wondering what may have gone wrong. Is there a chance the sound set that I downloaded is corrupt? If so, where could I get a working set?

Here are the sound lists:


XXXXXXXa.wav    : Battle Cry
XXXXXXXb.wav    : Becoming Leader
XXXXXXXc.wav    : Tired
XXXXXXXd.wav    : Bored
XXXXXXXe.wav    : Badly Wounded
XXXXXXXf.wav    : Selected 1
XXXXXXXg.wav    : Selected 2
XXXXXXXh.wav    : Selected 3
XXXXXXXi.wav    : Action Acknowledgement 1
XXXXXXXj.wav    : Action Acknowledgement 2
XXXXXXXk.wav    : Action Acknowledgement 3
XXXXXXXl.wav    : Being Hit
XXXXXXXm.wav    : Dying
XXXXXXXn.wav    : In Forest
XXXXXXXo.wav    : In City
XXXXXXXp.wav    : In Dungeon
XXXXXXXq.wav    : Daytime
XXXXXXXr.wav    : Nighttime
XXXXXXXs.wav    : Rare Selected 1
XXXXXXXt.wav    : Rare Selected 2
XXXXXXXu.wav    : Rare Selected 3
XXXXXXXv.wav    : Rare Selected 4
XXXXXXXw.wav    : Reaction to Party Member Death
Icewind Dale sndlist:

Definition of characters:

Underscore ( _ ): Rare Party Member Selection 1
Hashtag (#): Rare Party Member Selection 2
a: Battle Cry 1
b: Becoming Leader 
c: Tired 
d: Bored 
e: Need to be Healed
f: Selected Party Member 1
g: Selected Party Member 2
h: Selected Party Member 3
i: Confirmation 1
j: Confirmation 2
k: Confirmation 3
l: Taking Damage
m: Dying 
s: Action Confirm 1
t: Action Confirm 2
u: Action Confirm 3
v: Action Confirm 4
w: Reaction to Dead Party Member
x: Annoyed Selection 1
y: Annoyed Selection 2
0: Confirmation 4
8: Battle Cry 2
9: Battle Cry 3

Can't find the sound list for BG2 so that may well be my main issue here.
If anyone helps me get this working, they will be my savior! I'm so close to making my IWD:EE playthrough more immersive. Thanks in advance for tips, download links and suggestions!

Here are the sound sets I downloaded: https://www.fileplanet.com/archive/p-44608/Baldur-s-Gate-II-Sound-Sets-All-16-NPCs 

The worst part is that the sound set linked to above appears to have quite a few extra sound files but there is little indication as to what sndfile formatting it follows. Maybe someone on here knows?

It's such a shame because the sets seem to be mostly compatible with IWD:EE. My characters seem to behave exactly like they would in BG2 as far as banter and confirming my orders but I can't tell to what extent the sound files have been installed correctly. Other than that I've come across a thread on Beamdog's boards where some posters claim the party member selection sounds are broken when you're using custom sound sets but it's a few years old so I have no idea if that has been fixed in the meantime. Tried renaming a set to "custom1x" but my character would still not respond to their portrait being clicked on in the UI. I can live without subtitles but fixing this small issue would enhance immersion very much.

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