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BGT errors

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So, I've tried to install SCS 32.4 on BGT 1.10.12 by darktech. The problem appears while installing AI enhancement such as "Smarter general AI", "Smarter mages" and some more. Except for the Widescreen I don't have any other mods.

The debug file is larger than 0.98mb so I've put it on some site, hope that's not a problem



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Im having a issue installing SCS 32.4 (but same errors with any 32.# version);

NOT INSTALLED DUE TO ERRORS Initialise AI components (required for all tactical and AI components)


Then get;

ERROR: Failure("resource [CLERIC_SYMBOL_PAIN.spl] not found for 'COPY'") in apply_standard_function: inputs were func=add_spells, arguments=INNATE_FIEND_FIREBALL CLERIC_SYMBOL_PAIN WIZARD_DISPEL_MAGIC
ERROR: [dempitsu.CRE] -> [override/dempitsu.CRE] Patching Failed (COPY) (Failure("resource [CLERIC_SYMBOL_PAIN.spl] not found for 'COPY'"))
ERROR: Failure("You are trying to edit CLERIC_IMPERVIOUS_SANCTITY_OF_MIND.SPL, which does not exist in the game")
Move NPCs to more convenient locations (Sword Coast Stratagems) was not installed due to errors.


Im using loads of mods though

Same selection will install using SCS 31 though

Any ideas?

What logs would help?


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