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Juggernaut Golem stuff


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Another file I found (yes, I'm pruning through my junk folders). It addresses two of the problems concerning the juggernaut golem:


Here is my addition to the Juggernauth golem; now the golem deals 8d8 damage plus the 2d6 additional stunning damage and it is immune to +1 weapons and less - just like in the golem's description.


usage: the TOMAGOL4.CRE file must be copied into the OVERRIDE folder to take effect I suppose.


ENJOY!! :)


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Included in alpha 3. Was missing its weapon and had immune1 instead of immune2 equipped.


// juggernaut golem missing weapon and has wrong immunity
COPY_EXISTING ~tomegol4.cre~ ~override~
 PATCH_IF (SOURCE_SIZE > 0x2d3) THEN BEGIN // protects against invalid files
ADD_CRE_ITEM ~goltome4~ #0 #0 #0 ~undroppable~ ~weapon1~ EQUIP
ADD_CRE_ITEM ~immune2~ #0 #0 #0 ~undroppable~ ~amulet~ 

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