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Mage spellbook selection bug

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On a clean install of SR v4beta16 on BGIIEE v2.5 I have found extra instances of Mestil's Acid Sheath and Monster Summoning II at character creation or sorcerer spell selection. I only selected the first "install spell revisions" component. Here's a Weidu log and a screenshot for good measure.

The log:



// Log of Currently Installed WeiDU Mods
// The top of the file is the 'oldest' mod
// ~TP2_File~ #language_number #component_number // [Subcomponent Name -> ] Component Name [ : Version]
~SPELL_REV/SETUP-SPELL_REV.TP2~ #0 #0 // Spell Revisions: v4 Beta 16




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Use the "Remove Disabled Spells from Spell Selection Screen" subcomponent to fix this. That's what it's there for, after all.

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