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Multiple Strongholds - possible issue with the Thieves' Guild, or a mess-up on my end?

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Hi, guys, long time BG fan (ever since it originally came out), first time poster.

After 15 years since I last finished BG2/ToB, I decided to replay the entire block of it, installed BG Trilogy, including the Tweak Pack v9 (found it a day after it'd been released). One of the tweaks I activated was Multiple Strongholds (no limits) since I don't know when I'll be replaying the game again, and I wanted to go through as much as possible in one go.

So far I've collected almost all strongholds (Fighter, Ranger, Paladin, Cleric/Good, Mage, Bard), and there were no issues between them. However, when I wrapped up the mess at Mae'Var's Guildhall I talked to Renal, expecting him to give me "keys" to the hall - instead his dialogue never ended with an [End conversation] prompt - it dropped off after a [Continue] prompt. Now when I try to talk to him, he shooes me off. I've had a similar thing happen with Edwin earlier in the quest, but a load-and-save pushed through that.

I never got the XP, the item reward or control over the Guildhall. I'm assuming I should've received at least the first two considering it worked well for all other strongholds.

Is there a console command or a global variable I can edit using Shadowkeep that would reset the dialogue with Renal Bloodscalp and let me re-run it, or something I can do to grant myself the stronghold and begin those quests?

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