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I got an issue. In-game, everything is perfect. The issue comes from the fact that after installing widescreen, the menu itself + the inventory is centered in my monitor and I've got black bars all around it. Any way to fix it?

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Well, not really... the fix is to get properly sized and good looking images to replace the ones used... but that requires to be installed at a particular resolution. The BG1 had/has worse, as the menus weren't centered. And it now has a GUI mods that fix those things. Each at a particular resolution.

And no, everything in-game is not perfect either, as the menus are set sized... but looking them from a 5k resolution at 49" monitor, makes them quite small considering the general preferred view distance. But that is what happens with every game... when you use the 5k resolution, unless it's counted as a factor, which is not the case with these games, as it was originally intended to be a 640x480(or at max an 800x600 or 1024 x768) game. And yes, the Widescreen mod uses the icons from the 800x600 resolution in the everything over that size, be it anything 802x602 to say the 5120x1440. Or use lesser resolution sizes, uuh, the heresy. The other possibility is to use GPU scaling to double the shown pixels, rather than your monitors.

The final fix is to upgrade the game and so, unfortunately, purchase the EE games. Or get them for free.

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