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Questions about the mod

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I just started playing this mod a few days ago, and so far have been VERY pleased (Yoshimo is my favorite in game recruitable npc in BG2, and along with Aerie, Jaheira, Keldorn, and Valygar [badly underwritten in game], is one of the few non mod npcs who I regularly recruit).

When I first played the mod, I started a new game of 'classic' BG2 from the beginning. I didn't know that Ilmater's messenger and Yoshimo were supposed to spawn at the exit to the pocket plane after completion of the first reckoning/trial. After defeating Illasera, Grommir, Yaga Shura, and Draconis, Yoshi was nowhere to be found, so I checked my save games for this runthrough, and found that "YOSHIMOISDOOMED" had been set during SoA. I don't have the Yoshimo Romance mod installed.


1. What triggers/variables prevent Yoshimo and Ilmater's Messenger from spawning in ToB? I had edited the 2 PPIreni.dlg files by rewriting the dialog (I've kept the old string refs for the edited dialog lines) and removing the first two lines of dialog to deal with Gaider's furious manipulation of the player. Everything else in game has run more or less OK despite this change. 

2. Unsurprisingly, deleting the "YOSHIMOISDOOMED" variable as far back as the Tree of Life nuts harvest scene didn't solve this problem. Yoshimo spawns normally (loved the animations preceding his reappearance!!) if I start a new game of ToB, but this prevents my PC from continuing his romance (usually with Saerileth, otherwise, with Aerie, or Jaheira, or edited "straight" Sarah) from SoA. I haven't yet tried CLUA consoling the Messenger and Yoshimo into the game or running scripts to start the sequence; would this work, and if so, what commands should I enter?

3. Is/are there any variables other than "YOSHIMOISDOOMED" that would indicate/prevent the messenger and Yoshimo and their dialogues from spawning normally?

4. On a completely unrelated topic, can Yvette (played the mod quite a few years ago, would like to download it again) and the Skie romance mod be downloaded anywhere?


More than any other "saving Yoshimo/Yoshimo friendship" mod that I've tried, this one really captures Yoshi's personality and perspective! Thank you!

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I split the previous thread into 2: the version notes and misc. questions, as you mostly ask about how the mod works, not about changes between different versions of Yoshimo's Remorse.

YOSHIMOISDOOMED is set if you play SoA+ToB game and do not return his heart to the temple of Ilmater, so he may not be redeemed. If you decide to start with SoA game and then move to ToB, you need to make sure his original SoA plot is completed so the Remorse could kick in.

Yvette may be found at SHS. Old Skie is outdated and I do not advice to use it. It's of poor quality and wasn't updated in ages. EE users may decide to use Skie: The Cost of One Girl's Soul, though. The mod adds a quest that gives a chance to finish the story introduced by SoD and an option to join Skie. It was written from scratch and is much better than the old Skie mod.

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Hi Lava, thanks for the prompt reply, and my apologies for posting my first inquiry on an unrelated thread.

I'm not sure why the "YOSHIMOISDOOMED" variable was set in that run through, because I thought that I had brought his heart to the Ilmater temple in Waukeen's Promenade, with the comment that "he was a friend who was forced into treachery".

More importantly, I was able to get your Yoshimo's Remorse mod to (hopefully) run from the completion of the first reckoning by deleting the "YOSHIMOISDOOMED" variable, then adding "YYSTART" set to 2, and spawning YYAVA.cre with the console, which spawned YYOSHIMO.cre and initialized "YYINFLU", "YYOSHIMOINFUENCE", "YYOSHIMOREMORSEACTIVE", "YYTALKS", and "YYTIME", after the initial conversation. Everything seems to be running OK (and my PC can stay married to Saerileth and father a big family of untainted grandchildren of Bhaal 😄😄😄.

I couldn't download Yvette from SHS because they've been down for months (?). I was able to redownload the mod from Dropbox. I appreciate that your mods consistently allow the player to ask your NPCs to leave during most conversations (albeit rudely), instead of furiously forcing the player to accept them while sugar coating their often extreme personal failings, as Gaider has done with Imoen and Alistair. Ironically, though Aeon is the sort of character I would greatly dislike in real life (for very different reasons, so is Saerileth; Aeon's an over the top male version of Imoen, but without her baggage of acquiring thieving skills by repeatedly stealing from the monks, clerics, and acolytes of the human god of knowledge who raised, taught, nurtured, and protected her [I usually play as a dual class Lorekeeper]), and despite the repeated references to Aeon as "stupid", he's just foolish and impulsive;  he comes across as much brighter and more informed (interesting comments about male bonding among humanoid and non humanoid animals) than Imoen (who I could not believe would ever become an accomplished mage, though being head of a local thieves' guild suits her well), and his comments about wanting to become a father were surprising and quite touching (many 'romances' with female NPCs never even touch this subject), I really liked him and the mod (though I cringed when he mocked Zhakee's accent), plus he can be developed into a very effective thief.


Again, thank you!

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On 12/12/2019 at 1:04 AM, Austin said:

Hello! Thanks for the interesting mod! Tell me, is it planned to make a TRA-fication mod so that it can be translated into other languages? We would like to make a Russian translation, but now it’s difficult :(

Hello! And yes, we do have plans to tra-ify the mod, I've just been quite busy lately and have had no time to do so.

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On 12/12/2019 at 1:04 AM, Austin said:

Hello! Thanks for the interesting mod! Tell me, is it planned to make a TRA-fication mod so that it can be translated into other languages? We would like to make a Russian translation, but now it’s difficult :(

Yoshimo's Remorse is now tra-ified. :)

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