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Our sincerest Thanks and Congratulations!


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Kind of surprised (and sadden) that no one else has done this yet... A post to give thanks to your work on such a great mod.

I understand that because Ascension is such an old mod, and many gaming eras have passed since its release, the current generation of players just aren't aware of its history and attempts to support and grow it. Ascension certainly has the most distinguished pedigree of any mod out there.


(Just repeating what I posted at it's former forum home...)

I was doing my monthly {translated: quarterly} review of forum posts, and I see an innocuous-looking announcement that the mod is now hosted at G3. Luckily for me, I continued to here and...what??!--Ascension joins the 21st Century!?!!! What sorcery is this!

Many thanks and congratulations for keeping alive a much-favored mod. You're one of the best in the modding pantheon to take up the task. I'm looking forward to good things in the mod's growth and stability.


A question for the annals of history: did you actually have direct contact with Weimer?! It's been ages since anyone has mentioned connecting with him.

Glad to know 'papa' is still out there and noticing the good works we do in the community.

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58 minutes ago, Arthas said:
  • Slightly improved Bhaalspawn cutscenes, by DavidW 

    hey, what's this component for?

It makes some very small cosmetic tweaks to two cutscenes (both associated with the arrival of one of the Ascension-modified Bhaalspawn). 

- In the vanilla version of Gromnir's intro cutscene, the party stand around watching passively while Gromnir and Melissan banter and Mel is taken away. In this version, they arrive just after she's been removed. (As a matter of implementation, they're present but invisible).

- In the vanilla version of the scene with Yaga-Shura's soldiers and fleeing peasants that you see just before confronting Yaga-Shura, there are three soldiers and three lines that they speak, but it's random which lines are spoken. In this version, you get each line once.

Trivial really, but I watched both cutscenes a lot while testing the battles, and the minor problems with them started to irritate me.

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