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True grandmastery confusion

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Well I hope I will finally get true answer on this question. I installed true grandmastery tweak from Anthology on easyTutu ( though slightly modified, only +2 thaco from mastery instead of +3 ). I thought that you get 0.5 from specialization and 0.5 from grandmastery for total of +1 attack, at least that I read on Baldur wikia and similar guide sites. But it turns out that this tweak add full attack at GM for total of 1.5 APR for warrior weapon proficiencies. Could it be that this was wrongly implemented and it should be 0.5 for 2 stars + 0.5 apr for 5 stars for total of +1 APR?  

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In the BG2, you get +0.5 from level 7, and +0.5 from 13th level and the +0.5 from Specialization(aka having 2 points in a proficiency).

This (+1 attack at 5 stars) is the original 2ed Grand Mastery... there's other mod or Tweaks component that adds half at the 5 stars... and then the non-tweaked that has no Grand Mastery bonus to ApR.

This should be cleared by the readme, on the particular mod component...

And how the hell do you get 5 to any proficiency in BG1 ? Ahh,  you can use the max 4 at the start... as in the original rules, you can only place 2 points/stars at level 1 per type of proficiency. So you had to split the stars to different proficiencies, and so you never got to the full 5 stars in BG1.

If memory serves, the ToBEx has a component that restores the 2 max per proficiency.  Or, at least the BGT-weidu has that.

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I'm aware of most what you wrote Jarno, of warrior levels and all that. This is what puzzles me:

Untitled.thumb.png.140ed899be7bb1f3eafde225740ad37f.pngand this is not only example of something similar I found. According to this true grandmastery from BG1 ( independent from warrior levels ) gives half attack at specialization + half attack at grandmastery for total of +1 for warrior with grandmastery. Tweak implemented in Anthology ( and at least five other mods ) gives half attack at spec + full at GM for total of 1.5 APR. I can't help but doubt is it properly implemented and  overpowered. 

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...The 1 original +0.5 from level 7 + 0.5 from level 13 + 0.5 from specialization + 1 from AD&D 2ed Grandmastery. That's what this tweak is ALL about ! Yes, some consider it to be definitely OP, but that's why it's a tweak and a component possibility, not a regular rodent. But then there's the two weapons fighting +1, and the bracers that give +0.5 ApR too. And improved haste gives an *2 to all of that, if it works... it doesn't wirhout a fix in the original BG2.

There's a difference between what the game got, and what the original AD&D 2ed rules state that it should be. Yes, a +1 from just the Grandmastery... which is why most of the kits don't get to place 5 stars there willi nilli. 

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Wasn't there a debate a long time ago about which is the correct value for grandmastery ? Something that it shouldn't give +1.5Apr but only +1 Apr (or +0.5 from specialization like greenhorn said). The readme said +1 and the implementation gave +1.5. I don't think a consensus about which is the correct value was reached and in the end the readme changed to reflect the implementation.

I may misremember though.

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