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Very strange bug..

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So, in my current install K#PORMIN.SPL sets the portrait to Viconia's (NVICONL/M) instead of Minsc's.

Let me know if you need a weidulog @K4thos (Not you Jarno, I don't want to hear anything about log files form you!)

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strange, indeed. In my game the spell references NMINSCM and NMINSCS, so as expected. Try the changelog on the spell:

WeiDU.exe --change-log K#PORMIN.SPL

If nothing will show up then it has to be some rare weidu problem.

edit: it's a problem caused by the latest EET Tweaks (Consistent NPCs => Viconia appearance). Fixed, thanks.


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2 hours ago, Ulb said:

I don't follow..?

It's a reminder. See this is a lead up to the K4thos comment about the --change-log'ing the file. It's nothing evil. Just a less to dig through.

She knows we both are good people. Well, the host is, I instead am, pure evil.

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