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OPcode 319 and Haer'Dalis?

Guest Penang

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Guest Penang

I want to restrict items to NPCs and I've been copying the existing 319 effect from existing NPC items and modifying them. I want to change Haer'Dalis' swords to restrict by actor's scripting name like the rest of the NPC items instead of by race (tiefling). Unfortunately, setting parameter #2 to 11 (actor's scripting name) has a maximum of 8 characters. "HAERDALIS" is 9 characters long. Is "HAERDALI" his actor's scripting name? Other NPCs have names <= 8 characters so Haer'Dalis had me stumped.

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Guest Penang

I tried using parameter #2 to 10 (actor's name) and used a STRREF that points to string "Haer'Dalis" and started a new game but Haer'Dalis can't use them. Maybe I'm setting it wrong.

Anyway to restrict these items to Haer'Dalis without restricting it by Race, Class, Alignment, Kit, Stats (except the normal restrictions: Strength 5, must not be Cleric, Druid or Mage)?

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Actor's script name is indeed limited to 8 letters, and defining it via EFF file (which allows up to 24 letters) doesn't work for this opcode. But using Actor's name strref should work fine. Make sure to set the Power field to 1 though, to actually restrict the item to the specified target.

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Guest Penang

This is what it looks like in NearInfinity. Can you guys check? Thanks!

Type: Restrict item (319)
Target: Self (1)
Power: 1
Actor's name: Haer'Dalis
IDS target: Actor's name (10)
Timing mode: Instant/While equipped - 2
Dispel/Resistance: Natural/Nonmagical (0)
Duration: 0
Probability 1: 100
Probability 2: 0
Unused: 48 41 45 52 44 41 4c 49 h
# dice thrown/maximum level: 0
Dice size/minimum level: 0
Save type: ( No save )
Save bonus: 0
Description note: Haer'Dalis

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Yes, that should be the correct strref. If it still doesn't work, try unchecking all usability flags (if there are any set). The opcode restriction should be enough to make it usable exclusively by the target. Also make sure there are no duplicate opcode 319 entries. They might interfere with each other.

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