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BG1 Dialogue Tokens


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As a part of ongoing work on BG1QP I have had opportunity to test all the tokens listed on IESDP in a BG1 game.


From my results, of the tokens currently listed only the following give the correct description in BG1:


1. <CHARNAME> Returns the name of the PC.


2. <DAY> Returns the current numerical day.


3. <DAYANDMONTH> Returns the current numerical day as well as the month. (Example: It is <DAYANDMONTH>, would produce: It is 24 Mirtul...or whatever the current day and month happens to be.)


4. <DURATION> Returns the elapsed time from the start of the game in days and hours. (Example: We've been around for <DURATION>, would produce: We've been around for 23 days and 13 hours...or whatever the elapsed time happens to be.)


5. <DURATIONNOAND> Returns the same thing as above except it omits the and. So it would be 23 days 13 hours rather than 23 days and 13 hours.


6. <GABBER> Returns the name of the current speaker. (Example: If I use Jaheira and click-talk her on a creature rather than using the PC, this would return Jaheira if used in a dialogue.)


7. <HOUR> Returns the current hour of the day in numerical 24 hour format.


8. <MONTHNAME> Returns the current month's name. (Example: It is 10. <MONTHNAME>, would produce: It is Mirtul...or whatever the current month is in your game.)


9. <YEAR>


A lot of the other tokens do return something but it is not the same as what is descibed for the BG2 list. Most of them seemed to return the Month in text format as per <MONTHNAME> while others returned erroneous number values. Useful tokens such as <LADYLORD> and <PRO_LADYLORD> simply return empty spaces so it is very easy to miss their absence when reading over a dialogue.


Just thought this might be useful for BG1 dialogue writers.

EDIT: this was posted in error to the archive forum can someone move it to the main IESDP forum...if that is where it should be...thanks!

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