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Ascension 2.0.8 out; report bugs here


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I've just released version 2.0.8. This one:

- fixes a serious bug on non-EE installs: Balthazar and Sarevok would often crash the game.

- installs a new epilogue only if it hasn't already been overwritten by another mod (e.g., Edwin Romance)

- fixes a bug that restored your Bhaalspawn powers if you went to Watcher's Keep in SoA.

- corrects a minor tra typo in English.


Any bugs you find in 2.0.8 should be reported here. 

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I just loaded a save from chapter 3 ( if I remember correctly) and travelled to Watchers Keep. The intro to Watchers Keep plays (the text that is read out) and so I know, this is my first visit. Once the area opens after that the message displays that my char got Improved Slayer Form (on the save I am above 2 million XP). And true enough, once I check the special ability tab I have the ability to transform into the Slayer (with a 3 on it). The ability is usable just like if I aquired it naturally in spellhold.

My main char is part mage and I have SCS option for spell triggers to be innate abilities. Maybe there is some cross influencing going on. I Don´t know.

edit: To clarify: The save is from before spellhold, because Yoshimo is still in my group and he died in this playthrough. 

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In ToB content, Imoen keeps on repeating her dialogue about almost jumping at the player's throat after combat and about slowly becoming the reaper. Had it happen multiple times, even in the actual Throne of Blood. Think this might be happening because I also have the TOB Banter Accelerator from BG2 Banterpack.

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Before doing that, I spammed ctrl + I to force banter. I spammed it a boatload multiple times and at the end of each time it would always be the same Imoen dialogue. Would this rule out the TOB Banter Accelerator since there were no other dialogues repeating and this was the only one? Shouldn't there be a script/setting/whatever to make sure it happens only once?

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Ok, not sure its mod related at all, but I got some weird behaviour with Sarevok. He got imprisoned during the fight with Sendai. I cast freedom during the fight and got him to join back with the group still while the fight was going. Once the fight was over and the group got teleported back from the pocket plane after talking to the solar there was a Balor left to kill. The instant the Balor was killed, Sarevok triggered his alignment change talk. Ever since this fight he has almost no sight radius (no fog of war gets cleared) and he doesn´t trigger the leaving Dialogue, when I reform the party to kick him out. This may be related to him having no sight of the other characters to walk up and talk to them. I really don´t know. I would appreciate any advise on fixing this.


edit: Nevermind, I fixed it. I guess it was some wonky blindness effect going on. I power-word blinded him and then cured it with neutralize Poison. Now he´s back to normal.

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