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Exlude a spell in SRV4 Beta

Guest Lyk

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Hey, I only got a short question and would be thankfull for an answer.

I wanted to install the SRV4 Beta version of the spell revisions mod for my BG2 Enhanced Edition but wanted to exclude some spells, which I liked how they were in the original. In the readme it says we simply have to open the file "setup-spell_rev.tp2" and look for the name of the spell to be exluded and put /* in front and */ at the end. The corresponding file does not however contain any spell informations that I could edit. In the older 3.1 version (incompatible with Enhanced edition) the file contains all the spells. 

Can I not chose which spells to revise and which not in the SRV4 Beta version? If I still can fo so, I'd be thankful for instructions.


Thanks a lot

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