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Parameters of effects

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I was looking for a general description of parameters of effects in the IESDP and couldn't find anything. The description of each effect mentions the main parameters the effect uses, but that's all I've seen about this. Some parameters seem to work in a complex way and a full description would be quite useful. An example would be the Dispel/Resistance parameter. I learned all of this about it in a recent discussion. Is this information in the IESDP? If not, should it be added?


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There is plenty of information there that cannot possibly be obvious to anybody, like the way this parameter works for opcodes 177 and 146. Apart from that, what seems obvious for a veteran modder is not obvious for a more inexperienced one.

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Those things belong in the opcode descriptions though. To me the detail you mention seems pretty obvious, since it is an effect that applies an effect, so the same barriers apply. All the resistances, saves, immunities, bouncing and other protections are checked then.

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