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Ulb's PI Install Order


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Okay, so I'm going to do a new install and I'll try to do an install order list.

If possible I'd like to get some feed back before I start the installation (if anybody is able to spot glaring mistakes).

Note please: I haven't figured yet out how to export an install order list properly, other than copy&pasting it.

(If AL|EN doesn't want this kind of discussion in this thread, please jsut remove it or move it somewhere else)

My current WIP list:

EET:0:EET core (resource importation)
ascension:0:Rewritten Final Chapter of Throne of Bhaal
ascension:20:Improved Sarevok-Player Interactions
ascension:30:Improved Imoen-Player Interactions in Throne of Bhaal
ascension:40:Restored Bhaalspawn Powers
David Gaider's expanded epilogues for Bioware NPCs
ascension:60:David Gaider's expanded epilogues for Bioware NPCs
ascension:1000:Tougher Abazigal
ascension:1100:Tougher Balthazar
ascension:1200:Tougher Demogorgon
ascension:1300:Tougher Gromnir
ascension:1400:Tougher Illasera
ascension:1500:Tougher Yaga-Shura
ascension:2200:Extended Epilogues for additional Beamdog NPCs, by shawne
ascension:2300:Sharper portraits of Abazigal and Gromnir for the Enhanced Edition, by DavidW
ascension:2400:Slightly improved cutscenes, by DavidW
A7-TestYourMettle:0:Test Your Mettle!
Reduce by 50%
A7-TestYourMettle:12:Reduce by 75% (recommended)
A7-TestYourMettle:20:Make "Spacewarp" available to stores
A7-GolemConstruction:0:Golem Construction Ability for Spellcasters
A7-GolemConstruction:10:Replace original Golem Manual
A7-GolemConstruction:20:Golems for enemy spellcasters
A7-GolemConstruction:25:Greater variety of enemy golem types
A7-GolemConstruction:30:Fighter Stronghold golems may continue to serve you
bgqe:0:Slime Quest
bgqe:4:Fallen Paladin Quest
bgqe:6:Lovesick Half-Orc
bgqe:8:Many Little Paws
bgqe:11:Brage's Sword
bgqe:13:Additions to the Lady's Hall and the Bitch Queen's Temple
bgqe:14:A Worried Farmer
ac_quest:0:Ascalon's Questpack
c#sb_silber:0:Adalon's Blood - Modification for BGII by Gandalf the white
DjinniCompanion:0:Full Version (includes quests, banters and more)
DjinniCompanion:101:15 Minutes
DjinniCompanion:300:Alternate djinni portrait by Ulb
Eilistraee:0:Yes, but don't patch the existing save games
ooze:0:Ooze's Lounge: a new area under Athkatlan Slums
rr:11:Chosen of Cyric encounter
rr:999:BG2-style icons for RR content
SirinesCall:0:The Lure of the Sirine's Call
A7-TotLM-BG2EE:0:Trials of the Luremaster for BG2:EE
A7-TotLM-BG2EE:20:Rebalance weapons and equipment
d0questpack:6:Alternative Harper/Xzar Plot
d0questpack:8:Intrigue In The Copper Coronet
d0questpack:9:Rahul Kanakia's Potion Quest
d0questpack:13:Saving Sanik In Brynnlaw
d0questpack:14:Burglary Of The Bookkeeper
d0questpack:15:New Fate For The Dryads' Acorns
d0questpack:17:Further Slaver Involvement
d0questpack:20:Reward Negotiation
TGC1E:0:Normal edition
ub:2:Kalah and What He Was Promised
ub:5:The Pai'Na/Spider's Bane Quest
ub:9:Corrected "Xzar's Creations"
TOD:0:Tower Of Deception Mod (Requires Throne Of Bhaal)
TOD:1:Improved Astral Shard Guardian
TOD:2:Encounter with Ustrain
WhiteQueen:0:Yes, but don't patch the existing save games
wheels:0:The Wheels of Prophecy
Aura_BG1:0:Aura NPC for Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition
glamnpcpack:0:Glam's NPC Pack for BG:EE, BGT and BG TUTU
c#solaufein:0:Solaufein's Rescue: Jastey's Solaufein NPC for BGII
c#solaufein:1:Give Solaufein in Ust Natha the Mod's Portrait
isra_bg2:0:Isra for BGII
ajantisbg2:0:Sir Ajantis NPC for BGII
ajantisbg2:1:Install the unique BG(II):EE BAM for Ajantis' Family Shield
ajantisbg2:43:Speed: 15 minutes real time minimum between Dialogues
ajantisbg1:0:Installs Ajantis BG1 Expansion Modification
ajantisbg1:1:Install the unique BG:EE BAM for Ajantis' Family Shield
evandra:0:Evandra NPC
TheBeaurinLegacy:1000:The Beaurin Legacy for BG2:SoA & ToB & BGII:EE
TheBeaurinLegacy:2000:Change Minyae's class to Enchanter (from Enchanter/Thief)
TheBeaurinLegacy:3010:Change Minyae's portrait to alternative by TamikaProud at DeviantArt
A7-ConvenientEENPCs:3:Decide for each NPC individually
A7-ConvenientEENPCs:103:Disable Hexxat
A7-ConvenientEENPCs:204:Make Neera passive
A7-ConvenientEENPCs:205:Make Rasaad passive
song_and_silence:1:Add new bardic store and thief items
A7#ImprovedArcher:0:Improved Archer Kit
A7#ImprovedArcher:10:Add fighter kit: Marksman
A7#ImprovedArcher:20:Add paladin kit: Bow Knight
A7#ImprovedArcher:30:Add thief kit: Sharpshooter
A7#ImprovedArcher:100:Add +4 arrows, bolts and two powerful bows to the game
ArtisansKitpack:4:Artisan's Kitpack: Rashemi Berserker Ranger Kit for Minsc
SpiritHunter:0:Spirit Hunter Shaman Kit
Spiritwalker:0:Spiritwalker Shaman Kit
StormCaller:0:Storm Caller Shaman Kit
hammers:0:Thrown Hammers
hammers:15:Thrown Spiritual Hammers
hammers:25:Normal throwing hammers
hammers:35:+1 throwing weapons
hammers:50:Additional magic items
c#sodtweaks:1:Ending Independent on PC Replies
c#sodtweaks:2:For NPCs in Party Only
c#sodtweaks:4:Skip Korlasz's Dungeon
c#sodtweaks:5:More Dialogue Choices & Prevent Dead Ends
DruidGroveMakeover:0:Druid Grove Area Visual Makeover
HiddenGameplayOptions:0:All available options
EET_Tweaks:2040:BG1 values (default)
EET_Tweaks:2051:Decrease to 75%
EET_Tweaks:2061:Decrease to 75%
Replace movies
EET_Tweaks:4081:Also disable BG1 movies that don't have BG:EE variants
EpicThieving:0:Epic Locks
EpicThieving:200:Epic Trap Setting
EpicThieving:300:Epic Pickpocketing
EpicThieving:400:Epic Detect Illusions
EpicThieving:500:Prevent multiple Potions of Perception or Master Thievery from stacking
NoSoDSound:0:Dynaheir - keep BG1 sound set during SoD
NoSoDSound:1:Edwin - keep BG1 sound set during SoD
NoSoDSound:2:Khalid - keep BG1 sound set during SoD
NoSoDSound:3:Minsc - keep BG1 sound set during SoD
NoSoDSound:4:Safana - keep BG1 sound set during SoD
NoSoDSound:5:Viconia - keep BG1 sound set during SoD
SkipChateauIrenicus:0:Skip Chateau Irenicus
SkipChateauIrenicus:101:Vanilla NPCs only
cdtweaks:10:Remove Helmet Animations
cdtweaks:60:Weapon Animation Tweaks
cdtweaks:90:Disable Portrait Icons Added by Equipped Items
cdtweaks:100:Commoners Use Drab Colors
cdtweaks:110:Icon Improvements
cdtweaks:160:Make Magic Shields Glow (plainab/grogerson)
cdtweaks:170:Unique Icons
cdtweaks:182:Unique icons and names
cdtweaks:200:Remove Blur Effect from Items, e.g. Cloack of Displacement
cdtweaks:2010:Separate Resist Fire/Cold Icon into Separate Icons (Angel)
cdtweaks:1010:More Interjections
cdtweaks:1030:Reveal Wilderness Areas Before Chapter Six
cdtweaks:1036:All of Cloakwood Except the Mines
cdtweaks:1040:Improved Athkatlan City Guard
cdtweaks:1060:Breakable Iron Nonmagical Shields, Helms, and Armor
cdtweaks:1070:Improved Multi-Player Kick-out Dialogues
cdtweaks:1075:Send BioWare NPCs to an Inn (DavidW/Zed Nocear)
cdtweaks:1080:Add Bags of Holding
cdtweaks:1090:Exotic Item Pack
cdtweaks:1341:Make the de'Arnise Keep Stronghold Available to All Classes
cdtweaks:1343:Make the Thieves Guild Stronghold Available to All Classes
cdtweaks:1347:Make the Imnesvale Cabin Stronghold Available to All Classes
cdtweaks:1220:Allow Cromwell to Upgrade Watcher's Keep Items
Instant forging (original BG2 default)
cdtweaks:1225:Instant forging (original BG2 default)
cdtweaks:1251:Move NPCs to Convenient Locations: Move Alora to Gullykin
cdtweaks:1252:Move NPCs to Convenient Locations: Move Eldoth to the Coast Way
cdtweaks:1253:Move NPCs to Convenient Locations: Move Quayle to the Nashkel Carnival
cdtweaks:1255:Move NPCs to Convenient Locations: Move Tiax to Beregost
cdtweaks:1260:Bardic Reputation Adjustment
cdtweaks:2320:Trap Cap Removal (Ardanis/GeN1e)
cdtweaks:2330:Remove Delay for Magical Traps (Ardanis/GeN1e)
cdtweaks:2339:Remove Summoning Cap for Regular Summons
cdtweaks:2340:Remove Summoning Cap for Celestials (Ardanis/GeN1e)
cdtweaks:2410:Druids Use 3E Alignment Restrictions
cdtweaks:2420:Loosen Equipment Restrictions for Cleric Multi-Classes
cdtweaks:2431:Tighten Equipment Restrictions for Druid Multi-Classes (Angel)
cdtweaks:2540:Speed Up de'Arnise Keep Stronghold Quests
cdtweaks:3031:100% Learn Spells and No Maximum Cap
cdtweaks:3040:Make Bags of Holding Bottomless
cdtweaks:3050:Remove fatigue from restoration spells
cdtweaks:3060:Remove "You Must Gather Your Party..." Sound (Weimer)
cdtweaks:3083:Stacks of 120
cdtweaks:3093:Stacks of 120
cdtweaks:3101:Stacks of 40
cdtweaks:3113:Stacks of 120
cdtweaks:3121:NPCs Can Be Angry About Reputation but Never Leave (Salk)
cdtweaks:3150:Remove animation from the Cloak of Mirroring (leave it for other spells and effects that use the same graphic)
cdtweaks:3170:No Drow Avatars On Party In Underdark
cdtweaks:3195:Decrease frequency by 50%
cdtweaks:3205:Stores Purchase All Item Types
cdtweaks:4031:Use BG2 Values
cdtweaks:4041:Use BG2 Values
cdtweaks:4061:Use BG2 Values
cdtweaks:4071:Use BG2 Values
cdtweaks:4090:Make Montaron an Assassin (Andyr)
cdtweaks:4100:Change Korgan to Neutral Evil
cdtweaks:4110:Give Kagain A Legal Constitution Score of 19
cdtweaks:4120:Give Coran A Legal Dexterity Score of 19
cdtweaks:4130:Make Xan a Generalist Mage (Mike1072)
cdtweaks:4160:Allow Yeslick to use axes
Standard installation
EET_end:0:Standard installation
stratagems:1500:Include arcane spells from Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition
stratagems:1510:Include divine spells from Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition
stratagems:3501:Introduce BG2 spell scrolls into BG1
stratagems:3505:Wider selection of random scrolls
stratagems:3551:Spells heal or inflict the maximum amount of damage in this range
stratagems:4020:More realistic wolves and wild dogs
stratagems:4093:Reputation increases at about 1/4 the normal rate
stratagems:4115:Thieves assign skill points in multiples of five
stratagems:4145:Remove the tutorial NPCs from Candlekeep
stratagems:4162:License costs 20,000 gp
stratagems:4174:Gaelan wants 120,000 gold pieces
stratagems:6000:Smarter general AI
stratagems:6010:Better calls for help
stratagems:6030:Smarter Mages
stratagems:6040:Smarter Priests
stratagems:6100:Potions for NPCs
stratagems:6200:Improved Spiders
stratagems:6300:Smarter sirines and dryads
stratagems:6310:Slightly smarter carrion crawlers
stratagems:6320:Smarter basilisks
stratagems:6500:Improved golems
stratagems:6510:Improved fiends and celestials
stratagems:6520:Smarter genies
stratagems:6540:Smarter dragons
stratagems:6550:Smarter beholders
stratagems:6560:Smarter mind flayers
stratagems:6570:Smarter githyanki
stratagems:6580:Improved Vampires
stratagems:6590:Smarter Throne of Bhaal final villain
stratagems:6800:Smarter Illasera
stratagems:6810:Smarter Gromnir
stratagems:6820:Smarter Yaga-Shura
stratagems:6830:Smarter Abazigal
stratagems:6840:Ascension versions of Irenicus and Sendai use SCS abilities and AI
stratagems:6850:Ascension demons use SCS abilities and AI
stratagems:7000:Improved doppelgangers
stratagems:7010:Tougher Black Talons and Iron Throne guards
stratagems:7020:Improved deployment for parties of assassins
stratagems:7030:Improved kobolds
stratagems:7040:Relocated bounty hunters
stratagems:7050:Improved Ulcaster
stratagems:7060:Improved Balduran's Isle
stratagems:7070:Improved Durlag's Tower
stratagems:7080:Improved Demon Cultists
stratagems:7090:Improved Cloakwood Druids
stratagems:7100:Improved Bassilus
stratagems:7110:Improved Drasus party
stratagems:7130:Improved Red Wizards
stratagems:7140:Improved Undercity assassins
stratagems:7200:Tougher chapter-two end battle
stratagems:7210:Tougher chapter-three end battle
stratagems:7220:Tougher chapter-four end battle
stratagems:7230:Tougher chapter-five end battle
stratagems:7250:Improved final battle
stratagems:7900:Improved minor encounters
stratagems:8000:Make the starting dungeon slightly harder
stratagems:8010:Improved Shade Lord
stratagems:8020:Spellcasting Demiliches
stratagems:8050:Improved Random Encounters
stratagems:8060:Improved de'Arnise Keep ("Tactics Remix")
stratagems:8070:Improved Unseeing Eye
stratagems:8080:Improved Bodhi
stratagems:8085:Ascension version of Bodhi uses Improved-Bodhi abilities
stratagems:8100:Improved battle with Irenicus in Spellhold
stratagems:8110:Improved Sahuagin
stratagems:8120:Improved Beholder hive
stratagems:8130:Rebalanced troll regeneration
stratagems:8140:Improved Drow
stratagems:8150:Improved Watcher's Keep
stratagems:8160:Improved Fire Giant temple
stratagems:8170:Improved Sendai's Enclave
stratagems:8180:Improved Abazigal's Lair
stratagems:8190:Improved Minor Encounters
atweaks:100:Restore innate infravision to Half-Orc characters
atweaks:101:Prevent skeletal and incorporeal undead from being affected by Illithids' Devour Brain attack
Scrolls can be scribed everywhere
atweaks:117:Scrolls can only be scribed at inns and strongholds
atweaks:120:Restore innate disease immunity to Paladins
atweaks:125:Rangers' Animal Empathy improves with experience
atweaks:130:Additional racial traits for Dwarves
atweaks:140:Additional racial traits for Gnomes
Mod-added fiends are not affected
atweaks:152:Mod-added fiends are also affected
atweaks:156:Fiendish gating
atweaks:160:PnP Undead
atweaks:180:PnP Mephits
atweaks:185:PnP Fey creatures
atweaks:186:Revised Call Woodland Beings spell
atweaks:201:Instant casting for warrior innates
Enhance the Bhaalpowers and standardize their casting time
atweaks:202:Enhance the Bhaalpowers and standardize their casting time
atweaks:218:Regain Bhaalpowers in ToB
atweaks:211:Make Death Ward protect against Vorpal Hits
atweaks:220:Simple Thief script
atweaks:230:Simple Bard script
atweaks:239:Simple Cleric/Paladin script
atweaks:999:BG2-style icons for aTweaks content
UlbsPatchEE:0:Bhaal Powers Modifications and Additions
UlbsPatchEE:1:BG1/2 style Dread Wolves [Requires SoD or EET installation]
UlbsPatchEE:3:Buff SoD Vampiric Wolves and replace BG1/2 versions
UlbsPatchEE:4:Buff Wolf of Ulcaster
UlbsPatchEE:5:Buff Duergar in Chateau Irenicus
UlbsPatchEE:6:Buff Werewolves
UlbsPatchEE:7:Turn Shadelord Shadows into Shadowed Soul creatures.
UlbsPatchEE:8:Buff Individual Creatures
UlbsPatchEE:10:Portrait Replacement For Various (Mod) NPCs
UlbsPatchEE:11:NPC Adjustments
UlbsPatchEE:12:Item Adjustments
UlbsPatchEE:13:Elemental Princes
UlbsPatchEE:14:Druid Rework
UlbsPatchEE:15:Various HLA adjustments


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Aura NPC for Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition somehow got in the above list and can be ignored.

Btw, here is a simplifyed listing with just the mod names (unless I only install a distinctive component then I still mention it) for easier reading:

A7-Test Your Mettle!
Baldur's Gate Mini Quests and Encounters
Ascalon's Questpack
Adalon's Blood
Ooze's Lounge
RogueRebalancing - Chosen of Cyric encounter
Trials of the Luremaster
TGC1E:0:Normal edition
Unfinished Business
Tower Of Deception
Wheels Of Prophecy
Glam's NPC pack
Solaufein's Rescue: Jastey's Solaufein NPC for BGII
Isra for BGII
Sir Ajantis NPC for BGII
Evandra NPC
The Beaurin Legacy
Song and Silence - Add new bardic store and thief items
Thrown Hammers
EET_Tweakss that don't have BG:EE variants
Tweaks Anthology


Btw BG1 only has

BG1NPCProject, Unfinished B., Finsh, Isra, Coran friendship


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Just now, jastey said:

And it is advisable to install bgqe:Brage's Sword before BG1NPC Project.

Wait, but how? BG1NPC Project still needs to be installed on BGEE/SoD, right? So it gets importet by EET core before I even have a chance to install BGQE?

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Is there a way to 'force' PI to install all available components of a sorting order list?

Right now it seems whenever you close PI all mod selections will be unchecked (though the group order is preserved) and you have to manually re-check every single box?

That seems very inconvenient.

You already have full control over which mods you want to actually install by just removing/adding them to PI's mod folder. I don't see why you would ever need PI to not simply install the currently set sorting order.

How it should be in my opinion: Importing a sorting order re-orders all available mods in said order and checks/unchecks them accordingly. Afterwards the player can then adjust that setting as usualy by checking/un-checking and re-ordering mods manually.


PS: Plas change your name to something that is easier to tag. :D

Edited by Ulb
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@Ulb Sorry, it wasn't my intention to leave you confused (I just went to bed..).

For bgqe, it's no problem to install it to BG:EE/SoD before the EET transition. The component "Brage Sword" should be installed before BG1NPC (and any other NPC mod that would add interjections into Brage's original dialogue) so the new reply options won't be lost.

The only disadvantage of installing bgqe to BG:EE/SoD prior to the EET transition is that you cannot change the installation once you made it into EET.

Out of curiosity: the bgqe quests you didn't chose are not to your liking or is there another reason you did not chose all of them?

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36 minutes ago, jastey said:

@Ulb .. I just went to bed..

How dare you?!


For bgqe, it's no problem to install it to BG:EE/SoD before the EET transition. The component "Brage Sword" should be installed before BG1NPC (and any other NPC mod that would add interjections into Brage's original dialogue) so the new reply options won't be lost.

The only disadvantage of installing bgqe to BG:EE/SoD prior to the EET transition is that you cannot change the installation once you made it into EET.

Ah, alright. I wasn't sure if there would be issues when installing fully EET compatible mods on BG1.

If that's possible though it is actually my preffered method since unlike BWS/EETIT PI allows to keep the same BG1 installation over multiple EET installations.

So it's less work for me!


Out of curiosity: the bgqe quests you didn't chose are not to your liking or is there another reason you did not chose all of them?

Well, for starters, there is not a single component in your mod that I didn't enjoy. It's just that some of them don't really entice me to re-play them in every installation.

I didn't look at any documentation for setting up this first draft and I didn't remember what each component does so I might have left out some I actually want though.

The ones I actually don't feel like replaying/having in every installation are:

Family Treasure Quest: Feels just a bit tedious to go through if you already know the story/outcome

Monster in Nashkel: I distinctly remember feeling a bit of frustration about that one (which speaks to its quality, since I think that's the intention) but maybe I should replay it since my memory is a bit fuzzy about it.

A Warm Place for Noober: I admit, I haven't played that one yet. I just really don't like Noober or rather, the idea of expanding on what should in my opinion be just a short bit of comic relieve.

Babysitting in Nashkel, including Carnival Encounter: I thought I had seen it all but going over the documentation it mentions a women at the carnival which I do not remember at all, so its back on the install list. 😛


Alright, thank you. I'll have to look into that to see what content I'm missing out though.  :P









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Alright, I'll compile an updated list later today:

So far that will include:

- Remove Aura (she was only in there by accident)

- Remove (move to BG1 part, before NPC Project) BGQE

- Add crossmod content for @jastey's Solaufein/Ajantis mods

- Move Wheel of Prophecy before Afaaq

- Move Afaaq behind UB, Questpack, Golems (and check relevant cross mod content)


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Done :) EDIT: I chose a different title, if you want it changed just say so.

33 minutes ago, Ulb said:

How dare you?!

Sorry, I didn't have the triplicate request form at hand.

Just one more note in self-promotion: The Noober component is about Noober not being able to talk, so it should be quite different to how he is experienced the first time. :)

Monster in Nashkel: just because I feel like defening my mod: the feeling of frustration (of being framed?) should be eased at the end and leave the feeling of the idiot getting his punishment.

Thank you for satisfying my curiosity.

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