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Since you've guilt-tripped me into installing all components this time around, I thought I give you a little feedback on the encounters I didn't enjoy that much, now that my memory is refreshed. ;) 

Note: Spoilers ahead! 




Family Treasure Quest: 

It really isn't all that tedious, it's actually a really nice quest.  

The big problem for me is; I just can't find any justification for a normal adventuring group (even one that is really eager to please and overly helpful) to get that involved with what really doesn't present itself as (and isn't) any issue at all. You get told multiple times to mind your own business, there is no sign of any threat and to get to the bottom of it you basically have to harass that poor family on a level that would get you a restraining order in real life. 

(Compare this to the slime quest which is clearly something an aspiring adventure group would take on: You get asked to help, there is a real (supernatural) issue and possibly a reward.) 


Monster in Nashkel: 

I found this one just as frustrating as I remembered it. The problem for me is the lack of more nuanced reply options in the conversation with the guard/parents.  

There are basically only two options for every reply: 

The first option is to try please Lord Whatshisname and convince him of your innocence, despite the fact that he verbally abuses you and is clearly not interested in the truth or logical arguments. 

Choosing that option makes me feel like my PC is a spineless wimp, it disrupts the picture/concept I have for my PC. (That's my biggest issue with SoD too btw, there often just aren't any reply options that reflect my PC or are neutral enough to fit any kind of PC.) 

The second option always results in a hostile confrontation with the guard (and the resulting reputation loss and so on). Like, at one point you can reply with “Yeah, sure” to a stupid question. It's obvious you're being sarcastic but the option instantly leads to a hostile reaction from the guard. It reenforces the feeling that you're being deliberately forced to take certain reply options. 

The 'pay off' at the end is not nearly enough to off set all that frustration... 


Undying Love in the Fishing Village :

I actually have no complaints about this one. :D 


A Warm Place for Noober

I have not finished that quest yet. I was told that Joseph’s wife (I think that was the name) would possibly take him in but I could not find her in any hous or anywhere on the map. 


Brage's Sword: 

Also not finished. I killed Borda(?) at the carnival but could not find anyone to talk to about that. 

(Neither the cleric, nor Brage, nor Qublek, nor was there any authority figure for the Amnian guards around Nashkel..) 


That's it for now, I'm still roaming BG1 so I might be back with some more complaints feedback. :D 

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Thank you very much for the feedback!

Monster in Nashkel: now I have to check on the reply options. When you mentioned frustration with this component earlier I didn't realize it's not the story but the implementation. You could say the situation where the PC is accused is highly emotional so being very cautious is wise but I agree that the hostile response of the guards should be a last resort and not such a common reaction in this dialogue.

Warm Place for Noober: If you look at Dudleyville (Link) you see Joseph's wife's house marked in the south. She's the one you can find the ring of her husband in the mines for.

Brage's Sword: you need to pick up the letter from Borda. With this, you can talk to Oublek (reply option "about Brage...")

Family Treasure: does it help if I say that this quest was supposed to be different to what is in the game otherwise? ..

Thank you again for taking the time to play and give feedback to the quests!

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I meant the quest is designed to be difgerent to what you see in game.

Game: you get quest by talking to someone, see monsters or encounter evil villain and have to kill to solve quest

Family Treasure quest: no monster, no evil villain, no killing, and also noone gives you a quest, and yet, it's still one.

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Protection against hold effect is a powerful benefit, especially for BG1; no need to add to it. Please don't give in to temptation to add to the overabundance of powerful loot; the entire saga and most mods are already glutted with such - eventually the party ends up carrying (or selling/throwing away) a ridiculous mountain of magical gear with them.

Restraint with rewards is imo a hallmark of good modding, and all too rarely exercised. Also, a good DM knows that interesting items (backstory, description, etc) even if less powerful are  better for the campaign than bazillion throwaway powerful items, and highly appreciated by players.

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7 minutes ago, ithildurnew said:

Restraint with rewards is imo a hallmark of good modding, and all too rarely exercised.

I'll take that as a compliment, because I tend to "reward" quests and equip NPCs with items that are not really useful/powerful. Thanks for your feedback!

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