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about Yoshimo mods...

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Don't wanna complain... but when it comes to Yoshi there's romance mod which ends with his death anyways, "keeping Yoshimo" mod which just lets you keep him but he's not even talking and now this.... (again ghost like).... maybe I am silly cheerful type but I'd like just have mod to rescue him AND get friendship path till the very end. I likes all types of mods letting you get happy ending to your companions. As much as I enjoy new mods I'd really liked to get finally Yoshimo well made, positively made, he really deserves it. 

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I've always been a little scared to edit/add more content onto an existing NPC. For me, writing for a living and breathing Yoshimo after Irenicus would be quite difficult, because I think I would have to take too much creative liberty with a BioWare NPC, and I'd be unsure where to begin/stop. I try to keep to the original plot/story, so it would be an immersion breaker for me to have a happy and alive Yoshimo. Although, a happy ending for everyone, including Yoshimo, would be heart-warming to see.

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The idea of "keeping him both alive and happy" is nothing else but showing his doings had no consequences. He would become flat and boring. I like this character and created Yoshimo Romance, co-created Yoshimo's Remorse and translated Yoshimo's Friendship into Polish ONLY because I think he is one of game's most complex characters. The story the character tells is much more touching exactly because he has to face effects of his past deals and contracts.

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Friendship and Remorse does not affect echother, thus there will be no problems.

Romance can be installed, but if you romance him and it will become advanced (have a couple of talks and not stop it from continuing), then Remorse content will be blocked - also because romantic content cause certain things to happen later in game.

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