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SCS updated to 32.6 (now 32.8)

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1 hour ago, Bartimaeus said:

It triggers the "Healing spells cast on rest" text, but sadly, it doesn't actually apply the regeneration effect, :(.

I remember that in the BG1 engine, resting while e.g. poisoned will make every damage point of poison apply immediately to you and possibly kill you if you rest, and so I'd suspect that this idea might work there, but without a way to make the BG2/EE engine imitate that behavior, it doesn't really matter since virtually nobody's playing on the original BG1 engine, :p.

Could theoretically replace the regeneration effect with multiple small healing effects with timing 4.  But, I'm not sure it's worth the effort...

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4 hours ago, kaiiak said:

when I tested before I uninstalled the mana socerer mod , but the problem persisted - is that because the new mana sorcerer spells are not deleted (the mod makes copy of SPL files ) ?

No - uninstalling the mod would remove any .SPL files that might cause this.


also , can this be related to spells.ids changes ?

Doubt it...

EDIT - I checked, and Mana Sorcerer doesn't use spells with tons of effects.  So it's something else.

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I went back to a broken savegame and did the following; none of these stopped the crash on rest other than control-R healing.

* Kicked everyone out of the party.

* Burned every spell and innate ability on my bard except Slayer form and removed all spell memorization.  Only spell association is a ghost armor icon in quick cast.

* Removed every item except familiar and green ioun stone.

* Changed from strategems ease of use AI to no AI, with AI on/off.

* Removing the green ioun stone fixes it, probably just because it takes me back to full HP.  Verified this by taking off the stone and then using a fireball scroll to damage myself; resting then locks up.  Killing my familiar doesn't change anything whether I heal up or not.

Finally, the acid test: no familiar, no stone, control-R to heal, successfully rest.  Use fireball wand to damage myself.  Rest - and it locks up.  Ah ha!


* Resting like normal to get back into a good state.  Verify fireball damage from 98 -> 76 HP causes the freeze.

* Use the console to bump myself to level 32.  Use fireball to damage from 130 -> 120 HP.  Resting no longer causes the freeze.


So, possibilities:

1. Something about lower levels causes it; it repros at level 16 for my blade.

2. Something about maximum hit points below a certain threshold causes it.  Maybe it does fractional heals or something at certain max hit point totals and can't handle it?

3. Something about slayer form causes it.  I tried resting with an earlier with slayer form and no sign of freezing, though.

4. Something something mystery aura state that only leveling cures.

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Ah ha!  I renamed the override folder to temporarily go back to a completed unmodded installation - doesn't repro.  Now to tediously swap in and out files....


Edit: False alarm, got my save games messed up.  Once it's in this state removing the entire override directory still gets you a crash?  Sheesh.

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55 minutes ago, Jason McCullough said:

Ah ha!  I renamed the override folder to temporarily go back to a completed unmodded installation - doesn't repro.  Now to tediously swap in and out files....


Edit: False alarm, got my save games messed up.  Once it's in this state removing the entire override directory still gets you a crash?  Sheesh.

Could I get a save game file with it immediately before it would crash if you rest? Probably won't be able to do much with it, but I thought I might poke around.

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About the fine weapons installation in BG1EE:

Fine weapons instead of +1 weapons is a very good mod. But it seems to have some bugs:

1. A fine flail +1 has a damage code of 1d6+1.

2. The fine short bow sold by Taerom in Beregost gives only +1 thac0. Should it give +1 dmg also?

3. The damage and thac0 codes of the fine composite long bow in Feldepost's Inn are such low that the basic composite long bow is better.


The faster or more realistic bears mean that bears may remain neutral even if 6 characters shoot them with arrows.

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8 hours ago, Jason McCullough said:



At some point I managed to turn this savegame into a successful rest by some combination of running around and dismissing and killing party members but I can't get it to happen again.  Anomen is locked into some loop in the Copper Coronet where as soon as you dismiss him he chases you forever demanding to be let back in.

000000080-C30.zip 598.06 kB · 0 downloads

Did I miss the part of the conversation that explains why you have 639 Slayer Form abilities? lmao

Repaired saved without CTRL+Ring: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/z4eeizzccy8bw5y/000000080-C30.zip

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Apparently 7z didn't feel like updating the archive. Also, it jumped back up after resting? That's odd - it didn't for me...but I don't have your mod install. Something would seem to be adding the ability to you over and over roughly every turn(?) until your character busts. Not ideal.

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Guest TyleczekElfiejPanny

Hey everyone, my first post on g3.net! Thanks to all of you keeping this great game alive, I've used your mods since I was a kid

Now I want to modify the polish translation to keep it up to date with current release, I am aware of github repository and lang folder but where do I start? How do I find the differences and new text additions which I can translate from eng to pl?
On one of the polish forums I had found that the last supported polish version was v22

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Hello everyone, 

Really enjoying my current play through with SCS! I love playing mage chess when it doesn't feel like either side has unrealistic advantages.

I was just wondering what the item file DWRND10 refers to that I can see attached some of the shadow thieves? It keeps crashing my game unless I remove it from them via Near Infinity. (No doubt something to do with my mod stack) Is there any other way of removing it other than going through individual CRE files?


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