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Nashkel peasants and drunk dialogue problem


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Thanks for your attention here.

I'll make my post as systematically as possible.


Q:7 years ago, in the original BG 1. After your bravery perfomance in the Nashkel mine.

Only a handful people cheered for the "Nashkel Hero". 1 year later, After the

installation of Tales of the sword coast and its TOTSC patch. The other peasants and

drunks finally admires your effort of making things better. Even people in Beregost

and some other Tavern have gossips of the "Nashkel Hero".


But now. These joyful moments and glorious honor have gone and those peasants,

bartenders, drunks, ignored as they were 7 years ago, have been playing deaf and

dumb again. Not a Big-Bang bug, but it hurts my feelings as those achievements

were only recognized by Volo, Berrun Ghastkill and Nimbul.


I've tried to figure out which part goes wrong. But comes out with no clue.

Your help will be deeply appreciated by a hearty adventurous soul.


Installation:(in order)


1.BG1(5 discs,international edition)

2.Tales of the sword coast(1 disc,also international edition)

3.Latest TOTSC patch


5.BG2 Shadows of Amn

6.BG2 Throne of Bhaal

7.Lastest Bhaal patch

8.BG1 Tutu V4

9.BG1 Tutufix V9

10.Tutu enhancement mods:

BG1NPCv8, BG1NPCMusicv3, Indira, Sirine's Call, Mur'Neth, Songs and Silence

Tututweaks V11, Secret of the BoneHill v17, Grey Clan v175.



Out of Nashkel mine. Cleared the mine.

Party member: Xan,Mur'Neth,Jaheira,Khalid,Imoen. and me, Tarius.


P.s.: Joseph's wife, after she heard the grieve news of her husband, agreed to take

joseph's greenstone ring as a monument, didn't take the ring from my party.

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Do you know if the conversations change in tutu if you have no mods installed? I checked and found the same problem with tutu and BG1NPC installed but no other mods and no fix or tweak packs.


It looks to be a problem with the BG2 game engine. Each of these characters you mention has a script which, when the mines are cleared, changes each of these charaters' dialog from one moaning about the mines to a second one congratulating the party for having cleared them. The trouble seems to be that these scripts use an OnCreation() trigger which, in BG2, only works the first time the party enters an area. Since the party has obviously been to Nashkel once before proceeding to the mines, OnCreation() doesn't return a TRUE value and the script doesn't go ahead and change the dialogue to the congratulatory one. Since the script is identical to the one that works in BG1, that game must process the trigger in a different way.


In any case, this wouldn't seem a problem that specifically has to do with this mod. If basic tutu also has this problem (as I strongly suspect it would), then your best bet for a fix would be to post this on either the tutu bug report thread at PPG and/or for the consideration of the Tweakpack maestros here.

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At first, I thought it was the "Globle Variable" problem.

Later, I tried to look for the script fixes(Dudley fix website has a list, and also baldurdash). None of the fixes listed there were related to Nashkel peasants.


Since the BG1NPC pack introduced several interactions between Xan,Jaheira and the

Nashkel Mayor Berrun Ghastkill about the success at the Nashkel mine, I thought the

maker of the BG1NPC pack may have some clue to the trigger of Nashkel people's

dialogue script.


Your reply cleared my doubts. Thanks again. I'll try to post on the TUTU or tweak page

and see if their next version would include the fixes to these script-triggered dialogues.

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Found a solution to bypass this little bug.

Thanks to Hendrk.


Since it's area-entrance-triggering script.

So I made some experiments.


1.After Mulahey's death and those Tazok's letters found. My party went right back to


2.Volo and Nimbul automatically responds to the party.(Volo "heard" the story at the

mine, while Nimbul was sent by Tazok to kill the party. But the mayor Berrun hasn't

got those letters and declared the mine's been freed yet.

3.After mayor Berrun,Xan, and Jaheira's dialogues. Nothing changed in the town besides

the already informative Volo and Nimbul.

4.Here's what I do. I took the party out of Nashkel to other areas. And then return to

Nashkel from there. Hoping the script would re-check my party-status. AND IT


5.So now, people in Nashkel,delighted as they were 6 years ago with TOTSC

installed,talks about their current mine-reliberation and those hero with 6 different

kind of dialogues again.


Here's my point.


A. Is it reasonable for those peasants to recognize the mine events ASAP like Volo

and Nimbul did?

B. Or we just need to give Volo and the mayor sometime to spread the news?


Well, I had a suggestion in leveling up the delicacy of this part of the game.

When the party revisits Volo, after hearing his version of story of the mine, wouldn't

it be more realistic for those drunks and peasants sitting around, along with those

guards in the back and the bartender of Belching Dragon give a hearty "Cheers!!"

and toast some beer, shouts out loud like "Hurrah! Yay! A toast to the heroes of



And... those town nobles and mayor Berrun should hold a "Welcoming Party" for the

heroes! Have a little celebration ceremony at the Nashkel Carnival, while the mayor

should come up with some actions like showing those newly made, taint removed

iron tools from the mine to the public. To re-establish the consumer and townie's

confidence in Nashkel-made iron commodity, hoping that these cured iron-products

could be shipped or transported to the north as fast as possible!


Well. It's just some weird and wild thoughts. Actually in BG2:Shadows of Amn, those

bioware guys did real-good work at improving the game's atmosphere by integrating

player's ideas into the game's dialogues.


Samething as your marvelous work here. With the NPC project to light things up.

The magic of storytelling and plots,integrated into a well-rounded game engine,

could make those dead things come alive. I believe in the power of literature and

the romance of role-playing. Here's a salute to Domi and those wonderful people

who devoted themselves to this great work.



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