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Game over on party death only?


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  • game is not over if protagonist dies (only if the whole party does)
    • in gemrb/GUIScripts/bg*/MessageWindow.py change protagonist mode from 1 to 2  (GemRB.GameSetProtagonistMode(2))

From GemRB Wiki. Is this fully implemented? I tried it, had no effect.

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Oh hell, I had my GemRB versions confused, indeed it works :( Another thing - it would be cool if you could set that as an option in gemrb.cfg. What do you think?


EDIT: Actually, might be good practice. Works for BG1 & 2. Take a look here?

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How does it affect PS:T? (If you don't mind my asking, just trying to understand). Anyway, this is such a great feature, the originals need mods to do it, and it's kind of "hidden away". Since it's a feature that players are interested in, and GemRB has it integrated already, I thought it might be good to put in a more "prominent place".

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