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bg2 scripting wake up from sleep


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Hi, i have a script to put characters (player1 etc) to sleep with a spell. I want to awaken them and see them stand up.

Ive played around creating custom spells and using spell effect 'cure sleep' this merely removes the sleep status but their still lying on the ground. How do i make them stand up?


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Hmmm, according to the IESDP the "cure sleep" effect doesn't remove the helpless state. If you look at cutscenes you'll get a good idea of what the game uses to mimic sleep (PlayDead, etc.), such as when our characters are "knocked out" during a scene, then get up and walk toward an actor, etc. Scenes involving Jon Irenicus do this as I recall.

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Ahh ive tried playing around with PlayDead, it seems that command 'blocks' a script per the wait period specified in it.

while i needed a 'sleep' animation that i can interrupt at certain points on my discretion via scripts.


Maybe there is no way, thanks for having a look.

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The only other thing I can think of, since I haven't spent much time with the sleep system, is perhaps employing scripted Sequences via SEQ.IDS  which cause the character to perform various actions, including AWAKE.

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Hi, just i figured it out from your suggestions thanks.

I made a spell that had an effect 'cure_sleep', this only removed the status sleep but did not make my characters stand up.

i added an effect 'animation_sequence' with 'seq_awake' sequence and it worked.

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