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Missing Spell Protection from Petrification

Guest Szass Tam

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Guest Szass Tam

I have a modded install with iwd spell package spell revision and tome and blood. It seems as far as i can see that some mod overwrites or erase the spell from my game i have a spell expeditous retreat instead with the icon. And in the eekeeper i see the spell script name "Protection from Petrification" with the text of expeditous retreat.

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Guest Szass Tam

The Ressource of expeditious retreat should be spwi108 from eekeeper perspective but it is -> WIZARD_EXPEDITIOUS_RETREAT SPWI126 ?

And Protection of Petrification should be SPWI108 but its get overwritten by some mod?

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37 minutes ago, Guest Szass Tam said:

And is there a was to revert it to a existing install somehow?

Use the next version of SR that doesn't need to overwrite existing spells.

The reason why it's there originally, is that there are only a few basilisks in BG2 and the mod was created for BG2 ... as Demi didn't ever play the BG1 ... at least in the time he was making the mod at. And it was a bit OP vs beholders as well, allegedly.

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If you copy the files spwi108.spl and scrl73.itm from spell_rev\backup\0 into the override folder, it will revert the change, removing Expeditious Retreat and restoring Protection from Petrification.

Demi's reasoning for removing the spell was a little more thoughtful than "there aren't many basilisks so you won't need it".

On 8/20/2014 at 3:08 AM, Demivrgvs said:

Protection from Petrification

LOL This spell itself is a joke imo. :D It never existed, it's ridiculously OP (a 1st lvl spell granting immunity to a 6th lvl spell?) and the only reason it's there is to give players a convenient "win button" against monsters that should not be faced at all by low level parties (pretty much what Jarno says).

I was just thinking yesterday about using the Greater Basilisk for MSIX, it tells a lot about the power level of this monster. :D

Back then I planned to turn PfP into AD&D Gaze Reflection. The change wasn't much about balancing the spell (it would actually make it more powerful, except for the duration) but rather about making it usable for something more than just "ctrl-y basilisks".

The only way to make this spell balanced for a 1st lvl slot imo is making it grant something like +4 to saves vs. petrification/polymorph, but we would be replacing a never existed spell with another one. :( Within AD&D there was a 2nd lvl Protection from Paralysis spell (worked against hold and slow) but I'm not so fond of it, and it would not cover the original purpose of this spell within BG1.

Btw, do Protection from Petrification green scroll exist within BG1?

Jarno is correct that in the next SR beta, this spell will be restored, but that's not for balance or conceptual reasons, just to play a little nicer by only replacing spells with similar spells.  In the future, it might get disabled, moved to another level, or modified in some other way.

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3 minutes ago, Guest Szass Tam said:

And this will not destroy my install?

No, it will not destroy anything... it will just restores the original content. As the installer saves the data it removed, and if you don't have files in the <mod folder>/backup/<component number> -folder, then just removing the existing file from the override folder will restore the original. This is because the files are originally located in the /data/.bif -files, and those are still in use, as they contain all the original data the game used. 

Posting a second time is not really a problem. We are not limited by post amount... or I would have been banned about 5000 post ago... or 20000 posts ago in here and SHSforums. 😛

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This method essentially rewinds the file to before that component was installed.  This means that if any mods installed later also altered that file, those changes will be reverted as well.  In your case, this solution is the fastest, easiest, and one of the safest, in terms of avoiding mod reinstallations that may cause issues in your saved game.

If you want to be safer, you can create a backup of the versions currently in the override folder and restore them if anything goes wrong.

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