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EET install issue with NPCs

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Going for a new EET Install and I ran into a few odd errors:

3 of my NPC mods (Auren Aseph, Sarah, and Tyris Flare) encountered the same error.

#EET_NPC_TRANSITION patching for K#AUREN: BG2 NPC without BG1 content
#WARNING EET_NPC_TRANSITION: "K#AURE25.bcs" doesn't exist in game

That's Auren's as a sample. The other two are identical for their names. Is that a problem? Amber, Fade, and IsraBG2 all installed without error or warning.

(Edit) Removed question about SCS and EET_end, having found a thorough examination on the SCS forum :D

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That error results in a wrong order in the tp2: the use of the EET_NPC_TRANSITION  function needs to be moved down the file after the compilation of the relevant script files it is supposed to patch. It's totally logical if you think about it, but it's a common mistake in NPC mods and wasn't noticed until I poked about it (having made the same mistake and wondering why the scripts weren't patched, I'm not exactly proud of it but relieved I'm appearently not the only one) and k4thos added a warning to the EET release, the warning you are seeing here.

Short version: the mods need to be updated.

For you: as long as the mods installed "with warnings" you can probably just play as normal, considering that error was in there the whole time before, too. What can basically happen is two things: the NPC will remain at the original spot if he/she didn't join the party although he/she shouldn't (e.g. BG1 version is still "available" in BGII but has all the BG1 scripts), the second that the ToB script doesn't get assigned after the transition to the talking heads, but since in your error log above the ToB script is the one that couldn't be patched, that shouldn't be a problem.

Tagging @CamDawg because I don't know who updates those mods currently.

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Thanks for the advice, Jastey. Interestingly, the 3 NPCs that installed with warnings are BG2 NPCs, so I shouldn't have to worry about any lingering BG1 issues. I guess the only thing would be the transition to ToB. I don't really understand what is happening there, but if you say it's no problem, then that's that.

The only way it would be relevant to my game would be for an NPC that I would keep for all of SoA and ToB. Plus, I'm not afraid to hack about with EEKeeper and Near Infinity. I can probably correct manually anything "lost" in the transition -- if I understand the above correctly.

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@Lightbringer Well, I didn't say problems arent's possible, I only said they didn't do much harm so far. ;)

I had a look at the mods and for Auren and Sarah it's what I said, but for Tyris it's actually a typo so that's a real bug.

I've attached the corrceted tp2s to this post, I'd suggest you deinstall the mods again, replace the mod's tp2s with the attached (in the mod folder), and re-install (hopefully without errors or warnings).

EDIT: Attachments removed. All mods are updated.


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On 10/23/2019 at 3:49 AM, Lightbringer said:

#EET_NPC_TRANSITION patching for K#AUREN: BG2 NPC without BG1 content
#WARNING EET_NPC_TRANSITION: "K#AURE25.bcs" doesn't exist in game

It may be worth mentioning that Yeslick NPC for BG2 gives the very same problem during installation. Following @jastey's explanation I was able to fix the mod's tp2 and installed it successfully, although it might be better if someone with actual modding knowledge could have a look at it.

Attached is the modified (don't dare to say 'corrected' 😆) tp2 file.


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