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23 minutes ago, Arthas said:

Wouldn't it be possible to actually add a optional BGT ending?

Something like: the game goes on after Sarevok was killed. You go back to the city and talk to Duke Belt (?). He offers you the room in the palace and asks you to stay.

Reply option 1: No thanks, I will be on my way shortly -> SoD is skipped and BGII start movie plays.

Reply Option 2: Yes, I will stay for a while and help hunt down all of Sarevok's followers. -> SoD happenings start.

(Reply option 3: Later, I have to finish something first -> you can still roam the game like in BGT.)

Sounds like a cool tweak to me.

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Yes like that jastey. I abhor SoD because I find it a complete lack of respect towards the s aga itself and due to the fact that in many places it reminds me of ToB linearity. So... I would be all for a total skip of Sod


Beside it s called eet and not ee  ehehe

Eetrilogy vs eequadrilogy

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