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SR V4 Beta 17

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7 hours ago, Arthas said:

1) ...

E.g gate spell, lv. 9. Inside the description it is made a reference to demons turning on their casters, but after reading the mechanics description there is no reference to gate demon actually turning on you.

Also the spell seem to imply you don't need to cast protection from evil to avoid getting attacked. Is that true?

2) would it be possible to add an optional component to triple the duration of spells?

3) does spell revision makes potions undispellable?

  1. True.  Protection from Evil no longer has a specific demon-repelling ability.
  2. The chance of this being added to SR is extremely low.
  3. No, but IR does.

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Wow amazing, this mod still getting some love.

I'll have to test it with my mod but it should be ok. I also made some tweaks to SR, not sure if they're still gonna work, or maybe you included it since then? They were making Planetar vorpal hit bonus damage instead of insta-kill, putting back Gate scrolls into the game (SR removes them for some reason), and fixing the glitched Energy Blades and Dragon's Breath casting animation.

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Quite by accident I came upon this.  I'll blow right by my feelings about people who report bugs in mods, but don't report them to the people actually maintaining those mods (they involve expletives), and get to the operative bit:

"ERROR: error loading [spell_rev\sppr1##\sppr121i.eff]

ERROR: Unix.Unix_error(20, "stat", "spell_rev\\sppr1##\\sppr121i.eff")

Spell Revisions (Spell Revisions v4 (pre-release)) was not installed due to errors.

...the folder spell_rev\sppr1## contains a file named dvpr121i.eff instead of the sppr121i.eff that is required"

There are a few such errors, the mod is looking for sppr___.eff, and the mod folder contains dvpr___.eff.  I only don't know what's actually in the .SPL files - whether the files in the mod folder should be renamed to match what Weidu is trying to copy, or whether the Weidu should be changed to match the name of the files in the mod folder.

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The v4b17 package installs without errors.

These particular files were renamed, yes, but all the references to them were renamed to match.

My guess is that the user has a version of main_component.tpa from before v4b17.  Perhaps they are using v4b17 in conjunction with SR Revised v1.1.0.  SR Revised hasn't been updated for compatibility with v4b17 yet.

The user should choose between v4b17 only or v4b16 + SR Revised v1.1.0.

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13 minutes ago, Grammarsalad said:

Glad to see this out and about!

Thanks for your help to get it there!

P.S. We've got a v4b18 now too.

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