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Fixing Turnabout's loading issues?

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Turnabout is plagued by a problem described in its readme:


Q: The pool didn't offer me anybody! Why?

A: Computers are much, much faster than they were when BG2 was first released
years ago, and the dialogue and scripting engines aren't very well synchronized
for modern PCs. If you hit Enter/Continue too quickly when "talking" to the
pool, you actually race ahead of our ability to set key variables, and the pool
thinks there are no valid targets to recall.

Q: The pool offered me choices to raise, but I could only answer "No" to them
and couldn't opt to raise no one! Why?

A: For a similar reason to the previous problem, unfortunately. The pool-
activation trigger is sometimes less than reliable, and if you click it several
times with no response, or skip too quickly through the introductory dialogue,
the game doesn't set an important variable for us correctly.


However, in my experience, no other mod really suffers from this. I suspect it's because Turnabout was never updated since its original release in 2005, and other, more recent mods take advantage of new scripting techniques or some such. I'm a total newbie to BG modding, but I have a long history of modding other games, and I want to polish this old gem to a more presentable state. What exactly would I have to do to resolve Turnabout's loading problems, such that modern computers don't break the code?

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I have a very promising lead on what the bug is, and the only thing I need is a BG2EE save game with Ascension already installed that's already at the final battle so I can test the fix. Anyone have one handy?

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On 11/18/2019 at 3:44 AM, jastey said:

Great! Thank you for your work on this mod.

Oh, hello again. Sorry, we seem to be playing forum tag; I responded to your post over on Pocket Plane.

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Yes, sorry for not just posting it here, but doing forum ping-pong got kind of normal to me with all the different IE-forums.

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