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How many creatures can an area support?


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In truth, I don't know, but, years ago I did run an experiment to see how areas would react if I personally added in more characters. I used AR0602, and set up a mod to add in a total of 50 creatures. This combined with other mods that added creatures, took the total up to 82. The game ran really, really slow, but, it did work. It even allowed for creatures to be spawned. That surprised me. However, to answer your question, I can say that you can have up to 82 creatures in AR0602 without the game crashing.

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Well, thanks for that very specific answer. If I ever need to put creatures in AR0602, I'll make sure to stop at 82. :D But I already know that areas support many more - in the hundreds, certainly. The question is not bottlenecking by PC power but by what the engine can support. But I don't need to know anymore. I decided not to make the spell I wanted an answer to this for. The idea was a little too insane. But it left a nice screenshot.

Imoen and the party struggling through a "gray goo" scenario.


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21 minutes ago, Vlan said:

I have like 100 additional actors in Waukeens Promenade all walking around with their own personal day time activity scripts, and no crash or stutterting at all. That is, with an i7.

Nope... it's within EE game and a i7. The difference being that the EE can use more than 1 core/thread. And none of your additional actors are SCS mages/clerics.

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