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1) Does anyone know how I would begin infernal thievery ? I'm supposed to have sold Rajik's quest (and I have), then to meet someone in the bridge district area near the exit bottom left, but after waiting a lot no one is coming. How do I spawn the encounter? http://mods.pocketplane.net/d0questpack_v3readme.htm

2) Does anyone know if the reward was reworked, as it is implied in this topic ? http://forums.pocketplane.net/index.php/topic,23976.0.html

3) New fate for the dryad acorns: is the gourmet meal mentioned here (http://mods.pocketplane.net/d0questpack_v3readme.htm) simply a fake? 

New Fate For The Dryads' Acorns

Are all dryads the beautiful, innocent creatures they appear to be? Originally created by Bons, this component adds an intriguing twist to the quest to return Irenicus' dryads' acorns to the Windspear Hills. Evil players may delight in the new opportunities afforded here, including a delicious gourmet meal. The quest begins with a new encounter which will take place in the south of the De'Arnise Hold if you have not already returned the acorns.

The only meal option was

you eating the acorns

. IS that all ?


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I believe that question number 1 is Infernal Thievery from D0QUESTPACK. For me, the quest always starts near the entrance to the Bridge District. A man approaches you and offers to sell you a sword, because he needs the money, for something. I can't remember if this takes place before chapter 4 or after chapter 6. Either way, once you have the sword and try to leave the bridge area via the west end, a little girl comes up to you and turns into a Demon and then attacks.

Question 2 is also from D0QUESTPACK. It sounds like Reward Negotiation, which I have never played. I don't know what the answer is.

Question 3, again from D0QUESTPACK. If you have the acorns from Irenicus'  Dungeon with you while moving around in the southern part of de'arnise Hold, a Dryad named Phlufea, ( I hope I spelled that right) will gate in and ask for you to give her the acorns. Eating the acorns is one of the choices you have when dealing with her. I think the proper response is to tell her that 'a promise is a promise', which forces her to attack you. I think she gates in a couple of creatures to help her. I don't remember it being called a gourmet meal though.

Most of the quests in D0QUESTPACK aren't very big, nor complicated. I think cute would describe them best.

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