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Why is everyone quitting beamdog forums?

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Lefreut was banned.

I was warned (I am currently "jailed", can't open discussions, can't see the modding or game forums, not even my own threads in there.)

Officially we broke forum rules. I can't show you the reason because the posts are hidden.

I won't say more to that matter.

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I'm only guessing but its likely either conflict with Beamdog mods or Beamdog policies in general.

It kinda looks to me as if Beamdog is no longer as devoted to its fans as it used to be and the crazy wait for the 2.6 patch combined with poor communication makes it hard to continue supporting Beamdog.

But maybe I'm wrong or I'm being too harsh.

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One discussion about the lack of any information on the next patch got a little heat (because people are tired of waiting with no news). Then Beamdog decide to hide some messages because they can't accept criticisms. It got more heated because people don't like seeing their posts disappear with no reason.

Beamdog finally gives a reason but not for long as they change their mind and removed everything. Even messages asking what happenned were quickly removed as if they don't want to let anyone know.

And it ends up with warnings and bans.

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Because the moderation staff has gone off the deep end. Several moderators have a habit of being rude to people, and then when people respond, they give violations for the response. (An example: after being rather disgustingly insulted, my response of “sure bud, real classy attitude you have there” was deemed an ‘attack’ and resulted in a very stern castigation. 🧐  They never so much as acknowledged the initial provocation.)

Lol. Life’s too short to suffer such petty abuse. 

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35 minutes ago, bob_veng said:

Currently i'm receiving "You need to reset your password. This is most likely because an administrator recently changed your account information."

Did you get the same message? You don't seem to be banned looking at your profile. 

Oh. Ha ha, I assumed that was because they revoked my login. Bad timing for a forum glitch! 🤣 

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Wait did I end up at SHS by mistake? 😋

Beamdog is more or less fine. I have no problem with somebody buying the BG license, making EEs, and charging money for it. And the EEs are in very good shape, I’d much rather play and mod them, than the original engine. 

It’s the forums that are particularly problematic IMO. And the staff there are mostly not Beamdog employees.

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I'd appreciate if this wouldn't turn into a BeamDog bashing thread. (I said that in my "Gibberlings' staff" voice!)

I also think that it is important to keep in mind that the forums are not "BeamDog". It is, however, the official company's games' forums, so it is difficult to separate the two emotionally.

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