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Why is everyone quitting beamdog forums?

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What I'm saying is, if the leaders of Beamdog were more competent and kept a closer eye on the activities and output of their company, none of this would happen. Not the botched products, nor the botched community management. When they ignore one area of focus, it isn't very surprising that they also ignore the other—it's a pattern that suggests apathy on the highest levels of management. The leadership are the ones who are ultimately responsible, since all of the lower level employees are replaceable, and employees can't do a good job without oversight, as they need work to do and work doesn't portion itself out.

It's sort of a "no shit" statement.

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On 11/27/2019 at 9:33 AM, Vlan said:

Larian Studios getting the rights to BG3 really broke them, huh?

On 11/27/2019 at 8:38 PM, subtledoctor said:

To me, that's the only logical conclusion.  And I agree it's a shame.  People had issues with SoD but it's still a new, high-quality campaign in the Infinity Engine.  Is it a glorified mod that just has some extra eye candy and QA?  Um... maybe but that sounds great to me?  People have plenty of issues with IWD as well (too linear, too many mobs, to much undead) but I still enjoy IWDEE every once in a while.  Another BG2 campaign would have really been great.  Any more true BG-style gaming would be great.  Instead we will get "BG3," which is a YADA (Yet Another Dragon Age).  No thanks.

What's likely, is that the BG3 will be made at least a close approximate of the 5th edition ruleset rather than the old ones that the Infinity Engine was not perfectly able to simulate. The reason being the ruleset is more practical with AC and BABs(rather than Thac0 vs AC) and other skills than just thieving...

and no body raised the case with IWD2 that Beamdog didn't try to run in their new engine. Yes, the 3rd edition was a mess. The 5th isn't, at least that much.

... and the renewal of the D&D's popularity that comes with streaming online shows like Critical Role. WotC also hosted a Baldur's Gate; Descent into Avernus -even that was streamed, that all used the 5th edition rule.

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I've heard that argument for about a decade now with all games that tried to emulate the formula that made Baldurs gate so successful.

''We have to tweak the combat system to make it better than it was''... As of yet they haven't succeeded.

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I think a lot of people overestimate the ties between Beamdog as a company and the moderating team at the forums. There's almost no overlap between the teams, and the Beamdog leadership doesn't really ask us to do anything; they leave the moderator stuff to us.

Aside from Julius, the moderating team is an all-volunteer group picked from the forum. I didn't come from Beamdog; I came from the community.

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6 hours ago, Jarno Mikkola said:

Have you played Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic ? Not the horror that was the MMO game.

Yeah I'm talking about the generation games that came after Dragon age origins and that's also around the same time(slowly but surely) Baldurs gate became celebrated for it's old school mechanics, but at the same time the battle systems were more simplified and streamlined because well old school is also ''bad''

I mean Swen Vinckes argument against implementing dice roll hit/miss based mechanics is because players don't like to miss nowadays....How do you expect to appeal to the old school crowd, if your first order of business is to shun everything about it...

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Attack rolls are not what defined BG. And I agree a game system where outcome of battle depends on a couple dice rolls instead of player's tactics is just plain awful and should remain buried.

We forgive BG for it because we grew used to it, not because it's actually good.

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12 hours ago, semiticgod said:

I think a lot of people overestimate the ties between Beamdog as a company and the moderating team at the forums. There's almost no overlap between the teams, and the Beamdog leadership doesn't really ask us to do anything; they leave the moderator stuff to us.

That's pretty much what I said: Beamdog leadership doesn't keep an eye on community management, even though they should.

I know if I had invested a lot of my time, energy and money into a company, I'd certainly try to make sure that its public relations aren't going down a path that is ultimately going to damage my business. But then again, Beamdog's poor public relations are only a drop in the bucket next to all the other poor business decisions that haven't panned out favorably for them.

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Haha right!

I do believe there is room for improvement of the moderation and management of the Beamdog forum.
I was a member for 6 years and I saw a lot happening, as many of you may have.

At the same time, the hardest lesson after a ban is to learn not to blame the moderators for it.
While I do believe I could have been dealt with differently other than a ban, I have come to terms with it.

It's easy to point fingers at others. It was much harder for me to learn to take responsibility for my own actions.

Right after my ban, there were several forum members of the Beamdog forum who reached out to me through other communication channels.
And they were there for me and cared for me. They were very sweet and kind. And this is a great opportunity for me to let them know, 
and everyone else who may be interested, that I am alright and doing fine in real life.

The Beamdog forum used to be ALL my private life and ALL my social contacts that I had.
And so in the end, the ban was also an opportunity. An opportunity to finally start working on myself and my life in the real world.
I have come a long way, and I have still a long way to go. But I'm confident that I will manage. 😉

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