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Why is everyone quitting beamdog forums?

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Now the question is, if this community is a good place for me. I am not a modder, nor am I using mods for the IE games. *gasp*
So you can see, that I would not be able to contribute much.
However, I am looking for a forum, where I could finish my project of "Icewind Dale meets Heroes of Might and Magic 3 - HotA"
If you would grant me the opportunity to finish my project here on this forum in an off-topic section, I would be very grateful.
However, I do understand that it doesn't fit thematically in this forum.

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I love the fact that Shandyr's profile mentions that in December 2019 alone, he got badges for 1K, 1.5K, 2.5K insightfuls. So according to forum readers, he is a good member that has posted useful content but according to the forum team he is not welcome. One badge description is even "You must be a source of inspiration for the community." :)

He is an inspiration for the community ? Ban him :p

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Yeah, what caused the ban, Shandyr? Though not around as much any more, I noticed over the years some of the more social/prolific members getting banned, including you, LadyRhian, shawne, etc. As I recall beamdog at one point stated it happened that more active forum members asked to be banned in order to be forced to spend less time there.

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No pressure to discuss it if you don't feel like it, of course. 

Generalizing, when the moderation operates by constantly looking for posts that might possibly violate some rule or other, then the natural consequence will tend to be that more prolific posting => more chance to get banned.  Their moderation policies will inexorably tend to make that true even without knowing the particular content of someone's posts.  And if you happen to piss off a moderator?  Forget it.

It is to my eternal shame to confess that I have not actually been banned, and thus I am not a true member of that august club, which is so full of people I respect.  (Of course I've been told that there will be no more chances, or something like that, and I don't understand when some opinion will or won't violate a rule.  So I have simply stopped expressing opinions of any sort.  Yay for chilling effects on speech and expression!  (But the off-topic forum is much more harmonious in its uncritical admiration for BG3, now! :p ))

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8 hours ago, Shandyr said:

@jastey I fear there have been quite many more bans than you may know of. There was a time when banning someone
was the very last option. Only done when everything else failed to work. And even then it was done only reluctantly. It used to be the very, very
last resort. And I don't believe that that is the case anymore. For the better or worse.

I have never got any warnings during all the years I have been a member. The only time I did cross the line, all I got was two private messages from a moderator. The first one telling me that I was "charged" (lol) of breaking the rules. The second one that they will discuss my answer. Few hours later I was banned. So yeah they didn't even try anymore to ban only as the last option.

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2 minutes ago, jastey said:

If you are talking about a thread like you had at BeamDog's, we don't have to discuss about this, go ahead!

Thank you very much! Then I'm honored to have found a new home for my project. I will not resume work on it right away, since I'm busy at the moment. But in a few weeks I should be good to go and ready to start. I'm looking forward to it!

Just to be clear, the off-topic section where I could make such a thread is here, right?

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32 minutes ago, Shandyr said:

Just to be clear, the off-topic section where I could make such a thread is here, right?

I would rather place this in the General Mod Discussion, actually - I would say your project is more modding than "Yorkshire pudding and wormholes" (which is the description of the Noobermeet forum if you look at it from the main forum page).

EDIT: You are free to open a thread in Nobermeet, though, of course.

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Hi there, my former friend. Of course I wouldn't miss your presence here either. It does feel good to see you here and I mean it!

Since my ban, I have experienced so many things in real life that put things into perspective. 
I am sorry for the way I so easily gave up on our friendship. And for petty, small things on top of it.
I'm not trying to rekindle anything here. 

I'm writing you to let you know that across the "great lake" there is still someone remembering you fondly.
Most of all for your great passion for Heroes of Might and Magic. 

Wherever life takes you, my best wishes to you. You'll stay in my thoughts.

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Hello, everyone! I'll post in this topic only once because it seems questions and assumptions will never go away but it feels wrong to explain in one community something that happened in another community.

We have very high standards for conduct on the Beamdog forum. It's a company's forum, not some random community interested in gaming. When we make a moderation decision we take into account all possible aspects, from the history of the user to their contributions to the community. Yet, we're trying to stay as neutral as possible and thus no user is not immune to moderation decisions. We might value and respect a person as a person, a modder, a translator, a tester, but the rules are the rules and they apply to everyone equally. We warned our own developers, moderators and users with more than 5000 comments exactly because we're neutral.

We firmly believe and support all moderation decisions taken over the years. There are big reasons why they were taken and there were long discussions prior to each of them.

I personally have put a lot of effort and time to improve community management and introduce better practices since I had taken over in 2016.

The rules of our forum say that if a person is banned then it's permanent. We are human beings as well, so there can always be an exception. However, all the requests in this thread asking about such exceptions, and I'm really sad to say that, have to be denied. There are reasons for this decision, and I'm 100% sure you know these reasons. If we were to explain the reasons of bans to some of you, we would have put other users in danger - that alone says enough about the magnitude of offences. Issuing a ban is indeed the last resolve, when everything else fails.

Being a forum user means you keep posting comments. If you decide to break the rules, it adds up. With time, the amount of offences increases. But sometimes, it's only one offence which means we have no other option than to ban. Cooperation of the user in question plays a big part in all this, their understanding and willingness to admit a mistake.

Beamdog management is well aware of what is happening in the community. But being aware doesn't mean they are setting narratives or rules. The moderation team of the Beamdog forum is acting independently from Beamdog developers.

All those who are users on our forum, please feel free to send a PM to any moderator asking about our moderation decisions. We'll try to explain what we can in private.



Addition 1: @ArthasThe forum is not dead, it's the IE section (something one can call "veterans") that is inactive. The NWN community is still active. The Axis & Allies 1942 Online Steam forum is very active. It's understandable that with more time IE games will get less and less discussion. Community management and interest for games are separate topics.

Addition 2: @ShandyrI personally talked to you many times. Other moderators did as well. When the final offence happened we didn't even have time to talk to you extensively. It was exactly one of those cases when the magnitude of what happened pushed our hand.

And yes, discussing forum moderation on public is against the rules of conduct of the Beamdog forum, but (from the existance of this thread) not against this site's rules.

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