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Unearthed Arcana presents Faiths & Powers: Gods of the Realms

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Guest Marvin

Hi Guys,

I discovered by chance this mod, and it seems really good to renew the experience for and old player like me. I used to play DR, but I'd give a shot to FnP in my next game.

I haven't tried yet, but I have already come across few bugs/issues/little things which could be corrected.

Before that : My install is GOG version with Modmerge only, FnP, FnP multi and nothing else. I'm using Faiths_and_Powers-79sd9.2

Here's the list :

-1) Except Humans and Half-elves, other races cannot select any kit for druid or mystic warrior etc.... Is it intentional?

-2) Without using LeUI, the list of kits is too long to be properly displayed. Especially for Clerics.

-3) The Druid section propose 3 types of "druids" presented as "Druid", "Mystic" and "Occultist" . So long I haven't seen any "Occultist" kit in any race section. Maybe it is for later? Besides, it could be interested to specify the particularity of each in term of armor/weapon, spells or whatever. Example : I noticed that a Mystic warrior has access to all weapons, but a Fire Mystic warrior has heavy restrictions. Best Master has again another list of usable weapons...

-4) Shadow druid and lost druid are presented is the github website, but don't appear in my install.

-5) In the Cleric kit section, I noticed that there are Clerics and Priests. For some divinity, a priest and a cleric versions are available. It could be interesting to specify what are the general features of those two groups.

-6) In my game, the Priest of Tempus appears twice in the kit selection.

-7) The Barbarian/Shaman multiclass has 9HP per level, when it should be 10HP. (12+8)/2

So far that's all.

I also have some questions about the compatibility with Spell Revision, how does it work?

Thanks for your work.

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Installing this on BG2EE after SR, DR (kits and revisions only) and TnB I'm getting a few warnings:

First a long list of these: "WARNING: no effects altered on sppr420b.spl" & "WARNING: no effects added to spwi312.spl" for a load of different spells.

These occur in components 21, 31 and 35.

Then in multiclass components 91 & 95 (after might & guile) I get a load of these: "WARNING: Internal ability name too long [QD_MCD36]. Skipping." again for various internal ability names.

Any idea why this would be?

Happy to send full weidu logs or lists of the resources in the errors if needed.

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1 hour ago, Cahir said:

Which version should I install

I would expect it to be a release version. The master can have files that will not do things or do them incorrectly. This is the reason the master stopped making releases in If they would do things correctly, they would have been: released.

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4 minutes ago, Jarno Mikkola said:

I would expect it to be a release version. The master can have files that will not do things or do them incorrectly. This is the reason the master stopped making releases in If they would do things correctly, they would have been: released.

Ok question, which release? The latest one from Unearthed Arcana repo or the latest one from Subtledoctor'repo? 

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2 minutes ago, Jarno Mikkola said:

Well they are both from Subtledoctor, and the latest one has multitude of bug fixes as told in the change log, so... I would go with this: ... but personally I have not tested any.

As far as I understand Unearthed Arcana branch is the main one, but I would like to understand latest release contains all Doc'sc fixes from his repo. I'm not sure if Grammarsalad already included all of them. 


And the second question, what is ETA for new stable version? 

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4 hours ago, Cahir said:

I'm a bit confused regarding which FnP version is the most up to date:

Ver. 0.80.3 (master branch)

Ver. (released version)

I'll explain the way we have more or less been doing this for the last year or so.

  • The Master branch might have a stable release.
  • I work on a fork of it to add a bunch of things that I am working on.  My work generally falls into three areas: 1) fixes; 2) structural streamlining and improvement; and 3) experimental new features.
  • I test my 'SD' version, and make a release.
  • I migrate my fixes and structural streamlining back into the Master branch.
  • Meanwhile, Grammarsalad works on the Master branch.  His work has generally fallen into three areas: 1) fixes; 2) new kits and kit improvements; and 3) new/improved spells. (Oh yeah, and the Readme, which TBH might be more work than making the mod itself.)
  • We test the Master branch, and make a release.

This is all very ad-hoc - we are not Github pros, and not professional developers or anything like that.  (I think.)  The nature of the Master branch is this: while it is the official version of the mod, it has a greater amount of material that needs to be integrated and tested in order to call it a "stable release."  So that happens more rarely.

The current state of things is this:

-- All of the bug-fixes and structural improvements of the 'SD' branch through version 79.8 have been included in the Master branch v80.3.  My recent experimental work - the "any kit can cast spells spontaneously" stuff - has not been migrated over, because I wanted to test it first.  The very small handful of recent bugs I've fixed in the 79.9 SD branch have not been migrated over either, because the world up and went crazy.

-- So v80.3 is identical to SDv79.8, except v80.3 has a bunch of new code from Grammarsalad.  I think that code is not "active" yet, so the two versions should probably play identically... but I'm not 100% certain.

-- SDv79.9 has taken the common, pretty stable base of v80.3/SDv79.8, and added the new "any priest can decide how to cast spells" code.  I've tested this a bit, and I'm playing a BG2EE game with this right now.  It's stable enough that I've made a release for it.  The spontaneous spell stuff is working great for me, I've only noticed one small bug in my current game.  (Jaheira as a spontaneous-casting druid has an extra 5th-level spell that should have been removed.)  This is the most stable, most up-to-date, most tested version of the mod.

-- Eventually, I'll merge the v79.9 stuff into v80, and we'll test Grammarsalad's stuff, and then that branch will become the most up-to-date version.  It will be like v79.9, but with a bunch of cool extra spells. Then we'll make a stable release for the v80 line.  But, as of today, we are not there yet.

The tl;dr: should be this: generally, only download and play with 'releases'  - not commits.  Use whichever release has the highest version number.  The latest release is SDv79.9.2.  So, for now, that's what you want.

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30 minutes ago, subtledoctor said:

To be clear, I think you’ll want to use the v79.9 SD release. A *lot* has changed since v75, and a fair amount of it is bug-fixing. I expect you’ll have a better experience with v79 than v75, even though v75 is more “official.” 

Yaah, I got it 😀Thanks for additional clarification, though :)

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@subtledoctor Can I install from Faiths and Powers Multiclass mod only component 99: Apply FnP multiclass kits to NPCs?

I don't want to install multiclass clerics/druid/shaman for my PC, because I have already like ~170 kits installed, so if you said multiclass cleric component alone is way over 100 kits, it would be over 250 kit limit.

BUT, I would love to multiclass cleric NPC's. So:

- can I install component 99 without the others?

- does component 99 count for 250 kit limit or only kits for PC matter?

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You can install “Apply MC Kits to NPCs” but without the multiclass kits it looks for, it won’t do much. 

If you installed “Apply SC Kits to NPCs” after single-class cleric kits, then all multiclass NPC priests will already have single-class kits. 

BUT - all of this is okay, because...

Multiclass kits aren’t limited by the 255 limit!  :7up:

That’s why I say the FnP Multiclass mod should be installed after all other kits: you can have 254 kits in your game, and this can add another 150, and it will be fine. Just note my comments in the other thread about installing Refinements after FnP Multiclass. Probably should install Refinements here, before FnP Multiclass. 

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