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4 hours ago, subtledoctor said:

We have a fighter/cleric of Torm kit.  Maybe I should add a "change Keldorn into a fighter/cleric" component in NPC_EE...

Or just convert that F/C kit into a paladin kit.

Or both.

That seems to be a solution, but what about Casormyr?!

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On 8/25/2020 at 4:45 PM, Endarire said:

Keldorn is the only official NPC Paladin in the Infinity Engine games.  Let him keep his Paladin status and Carsomyr.

I’m not going to tell people how to play the game. If they want to change Keldorn, they can. Last game I played there were Keldorn, Isra, Sirene, Ajantis, Mazzy, and Saerileth all in the paladin class. Not to mention Yeslick, and Anomen the wannabe.* That is plenty of divine warriors. I see no reason not to change some of them a bit. Especially given that Keldorn plays the part of the wise elder, it makes sense for him to start to rely more on magic than physical prowess. And his new protege* is a F/C, so he could be too. 

* Man, I just got the urge to have Ajantis and Anomen in the same party. What must Ajantis think to know his replacement is such a doofus?

On 8/25/2020 at 3:35 PM, Marvin said:

but what about Casormyr?!

I hand it to Saerileth and instruct her to bury it under Mount Celestia, convincing her that it will one day sprout into a magic sword tree.  I hate that sword. Give me Purifier, Foebane, or Daystar, or Psion’s Blade. 

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1 hour ago, Marvin said:

I can understand you don't like that sword.

There's just nothing about its function that is related to "goodness." Magic resistance and dispel-on-hit... what has that to do with goodness or evil?  It seems more like a Wizard Slayer's sword than a paladin's sword... except Wizard Slayer's can't use it.  Duh.

1 hour ago, Marvin said:

In FnP who can use it? Any Champion or Zealot of good alignment? Some specific kits?

I don't know what the sword's usability restrictions are - we don't touch them.  Presumably it s restricted to paladins, and maybe by alignment too, so Blackguards can't use it?  In which case, any Champion of good alignment should be able to.  (Not Zealots - under the hood, the game considers them to be rangers.)

EDIT - just checked in NI, and it actually looks like neutral Champions can use it as well.  Only evil ones are excluded.  So you can use it if you are a neutral champion of Helm or Azuth or something.  I actually like that.

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6 hours ago, Marvin said:

Hi Subteldoctor,

One question I have. In case I want to dual-class my human Fighter into Fighter/Cleric, he get the unkitted cleric class and can handle nearly all weapons. Without using EEKeeper, is there a way to select the cleric Kit?

Kjeron’s “Dual to Kit” mod. (It only works if you don’t have a kit in your first class, because you can only have one kit. 

Or, install NPC_EE and use the console to give yourself the “d5_ckit” spell.

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I keep saying I'm not going to update the 0.79 branch anymore, and then I keep doing it.  I've just uploaded version 0.79.17, with the following improvements:

  • The "Animate Construct" spells in the Creation sphere will properly appear under the "spells" button.
  • Magic Fang and Animal Growth should no longer have endless repeating animations.
  • Bonus spell slot items now work with spontaneous casters the same way they do for the latest version of Tome & Blood - i.e. they work more reliably, but are limited to +1 spell slot per spell level per item.
  • Spontaneous casters will now get bonus spell slots for high WIS scores, IF you install the "Ability Score Bonus Spells" component in either Tome & Blood v0.9 or Scales of Balance v5.25.  Install order does not matter for this.
  • Spontaneous casters will be able to switch out a known spell once per level, or once per three levels, if you have installed the "Sorcerer Spell Switching" component of Tome & Blood.  Install order does matter here: the TnB Spell Switching component must be installed before FnP for FnP to recognize it.
  • I added an .ini file for use with Project Infinity.


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@subtledoctor Big thanks for recent mod updates, especially filling install order rules. It looks like this:



I'm nitpicking but could you alter Faiths_and_Powers_Multiclass.ini 'Name=Faiths and Powers' into 'Name=Faiths and Powers Multiclass' so PI won't display two identical 'mods'? It's just cosmetic thing, tho.

BTW: I saw that you 'Download' link contains '/releases' - it doesn't need to be added for mod updates from release but right now, it doesn't matter :)

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24 minutes ago, AL|EN said:

could you alter Faiths_and_Powers_Multiclass.ini 'Name=Faiths and Powers' into 'Name=Faiths and Powers Multiclass'

Sure, that's an oversight.

24 minutes ago, AL|EN said:

you 'Download' link contains '/releases' - it doesn't need to be added for mod updates from release but right now, it doesn't matter

That is for people downloading manually.

Oh, I see, you mean in the .ini files.  Noted, thanks.

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5 hours ago, subtledoctor said:
  • The "Animate Construct" spells in the Creation sphere will properly appear under the "spells" button.

So tried out a new install, just F&P. The animate construct spells aren't getting added to the kits (well, at least the Azuth cleric kit). I can add them in via eekeeper, but they're all first level spells. Additionally, the adamantium golem dies right after he's summons. The Stone and Clay golems look like they have the same creature animation/sprite and they also aren't getting a proper name. In my install they had a number, 52093 or something like that.

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For F&P, may we get an Archivist class, able to learn all divine spells from scrolls and cast them like a Wizard?  (Note that the number of spell slots a default Archivist gets before stat modifier is equal to a specialty Wizard, and an Archivist is a split stat caster:  He requires INT to cast spells but gets bonus spell slots from WIS.)

Cleric/Rangers already exist, and the pre-EE C/Rs could learn and cast Druid spells of level 4+ in addition to their normal Cleric spells.  The difficulty in technical implementation is likely in making divine scrolls learnable.  There's also the matter of what happens when a character has 2+ classes that could learn the same spell from a scroll:  How do you choose which class learns it?  (The likely answer is "Modify the UI to accommodate it.")

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Sorry, I (generally) don't do requests.


2 hours ago, Endarire said:

able to learn all divine spells from scrolls and cast them like a Wizard

What scrolls?  There are like six divine spell scrolls in the game.  But, something like 150+ arcane scrolls.  How could you support a caster class with only divine scrolls?

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