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More lethal bladed weapons


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By using the weapon changes notepad file in the mod's library, is it possible to change weapon type's base damage? I want to do some radical changes so that bladed weapons are far more lethal in-game.

It never makes sense to me that a dagger does a mere 1d4 damage while a club does 1d6. I would prefer to be beaten by a club, rather then stabbed by a dagger in real life. (Unless club hits my skull, which is like a critical hit anyway) 

I want to make these changes:

Dagger- 1d8


Scimitar-1d12, but %5 better critical hit rate

Longsword/axe- 2d8





Two handed sword-3d8 truly lethal, such a heavy and large blade will cleave any normal human (4-8 hit points) dead in most situations.

No change to crushing weapons, this will also make cleric ethos meaningful. They will never be as deadly as true blade wielding warriors.


If I edit the file in library folder like this and then install weapon changes only, will it work? Will all mod added weapons also be affected correctly?

Also what is your opinion on this, it will make melee significantly deadlier for warriors, it affects enemies too so it is balanced, I think.

To compensate I will reduce theif backstab to a maximum of x3 at level 15, otherwise thief backstabs are far too deadly. 

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