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Unearthed Arcana present Tome & Blood: more options for arcane casters

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4 hours ago, GawainBS said:

I have no clue about which Weidu. The one that comes with the mods?  How can I check

A new version was released like, yesterday. You would have had to go out of your way to use it. Just want to eliminate that as a source of an error, since it hasn’t been extensively field-tested. 

I’ll do an install and see if I can reproduce that. Seems weird...

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Figured it out - a bug in Scales of Balance.  It's just a text error in the CharGen menus - it doesn't actually make you a monk.  But I've fixed it locally, will upload a new version soon.  There's a small but similar error in Might & Guile, too.

Btw just so it's clear, your install order should be:

  • TnB
  • FnP
  • MnG
  • FnP_Multiclass
  • SoB
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1 hour ago, GawainBS said:

Can every arcane caster have a seperate familiar now? (Looks like it?)

No - the vanilla game only lets Charname cast the spell, and this mod simply casts the spell (after doing various shenanigans to give you different options so that the chosen option appears when the spell gets cast). 

I don't know how to change that - probably by excising the spell in its entirety and building new familiar-summoning system from the ground up... which is beyond what I can handle at the moment.

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When I cast revised identify it invokes contingency for some reason. The spell casts, does nothing, and then the game asks me how I want to set up a contingency. 

I assume some mods are conflicting, but I cannot see what.


Fixed: it was the EET_GUI mod. I didn't think of EET as being a GUI mod so it didn't occur to me. But it's silly that two completely unrelated GUI mods should have to interfere like this. Is the problem that there is only one hook for an extra screen and everyone has to share it?

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Guest Connelly

There seems to be some problem between the Choose your familiar component and the Kilivitz's Classic Spellbooks component of EEUITweaks (and I assume any other mods that change the spellbook). As long as that component isn't installed, the spellbook menu where you choose the familiar works fine. When both are installed, the game crashes in between casting the spell and opening the menu.

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Hi folks, I don't have tome to test anything extensively, but I can tell you that Choose-Your-Own Familiar and Revised Identify both involve UI modifications, they both use Kjeron's 'Spell Selection UI' tool.  They will conflict with UI mods installed afterward, and will also conflict with some UI mods installed beforehand.  UI mods are generally tougher to use together than traditional Weidu mods are...

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Guest Connelly

Gotcha, thanks for replying and the confirmation. However, I just found out it might not be the only issue here.

This is in an EET 2.5 installation with the release 0.9.4 of the mod. Out of curiosity I created a fighter/sorcerer multiclass for the start of BG1, and after character creation, the spell book didn't have the three initial spells chosen and the count for spells able to cast was at 0/0 at all spells levels even at higher levels.

Leveling up didn't brought up the spell selection interface either, there was no change until I CLUAConsole'd the xp until HLA levels, and the HLA spells do show up in the spell book, but that' it. I tried creating a pure sorcerer, but the spell selection menu gave me 0 spells to choose, unlike with the fighter/sorcerer.

I created a second sorcerer for SoA, and I got the spell selection menu for the appropriate spells levels, though it still didn't allow me to pick any spells ("0 spells to choose"). After creation, the spellbook did allow me a number of casts per spell level, though with no spells to casts of course. Creating a mage (pure or multi) gave me the issue of no spells showing in the spellbook. Imoen didn't seem to have problems with her spells though.

(I also noticed a disparity with the numbers of spells per level. Looking at the 2da files, I see for example that wizards have a max of 3 spells at spell level one, and then a max of 7 at spell level two. I assume this is expected, at least with the ability score bonus component?)

Anyway, at first I suspected a different mod might be conflicting with the Ability Score-Based Bonus Spells component, like the spell tables from cdtweaks. But I didn't install anything of the sort. So I installed T&B in a clean BGEE game (2.5). The files were a backup of a fresh installation, nothing wrong with them that I know. However, the UI got some additional problems now like misplaced text.

I didn't have any more time to test more things, but one thing I suspect that could be behind the issue of not being granted any spells to select is that in the clean game, the game automatically assigns you a (default?) selection of spells (one of them being Find Familiar, which might be compounded with the Familiar revision component). Beside that, I'm at a loss.


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