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SR V4 Beta 18


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Hello bob_veng!

Thanks for your assist.

From what I can see, I don't have any other issue with the other icons but this was just at character creation.

If I encounter a problem, I will make sure to give appropriate feedback.


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4 minutes ago, Merlin said:

If you try to install scs (iwd spells) after sr, you need to move 1 or 2 spells from sr folder to the override directory before the installation can success.

Which ones?

Have you tried installing SCS IWD Spells before SR?

Actually, I wonder what the difference would be, and which order is preferable?  (Setting aside the particular issue mentioned, here, which can presumably be fixed.)  If anyone has tried either way or both ways, it's worth discussing the results.

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I went through all (I think!) the .bams in beta 18, and found that the attached icons had issues with their color palette tables/transparency layers (some may not have been visible, but some certainly were in the sorcerer spell selection screen - a quick look in DLTCEP showed issues with them), and have corrected them: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/16xh5gdr3lptlls/fixed bams.zip

Some of them pre-fix (ignore PrfP and FtS) :  bgmain_2020-01-15_03-11-55.png

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On 11/24/2019 at 11:42 PM, Mike1072 said:

Several icons have been redesigned or recoloured by bob_veng:

  • Magic Fang
  • Gust of Wind
  • Enchanted Weapon
  • Animal Growth

What happens to the old Magic Fang icon?  Any chance we could get permission to use it?  (Who made it anyway?)  We're desperate for icons and I specifically need one for Magic Fang.  (FnP installs its own variant of the spell, it's a rare case where we don't rely on SR.)

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5 hours ago, Mike1072 said:

You want the FnP & SR variants to co-exist?

Actually no. In most cases FnP defers to SR spells (or IWDification or SCS spells) if they are present. But I made my own versions of Magic Fang and Animal Growth in case SR is not present, because I’m using them as kit abilities. And my versions use EE engine tech and are a bit more expansive. (They also affect charmed animals, animal familiars, and possibly even shapeshifted druids. (Need to double-check that last one.)) So this is the one instance in which I do not defer to SR. (No offense.)

My icons are god-awful, though. Just placeholders, for now.

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4 hours ago, bob_veng said:

@subtledoctor you have a thumbs up from me

also, sorry everyone about the technical faults, and not really reacting. i had to do it all in as short a window of time as possible. 

What program did you use to convert the .bmps to .bams, out of curiosity? It didn't seem like they were DLTCEP-saved .bams (which is what I ended up using to save them back to .bmps, then resorting the color table, then saving them back to .bams again), but I'm not sure what other tool(s) can be used to do it.

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1 hour ago, bob_veng said:

Bam Batcher v 2.4. the problem is with several of the indexed color pngs (converted to bmps) where something i did reordered the colors in the table. i would look the bams in BAMWorkshop but simply missed the ones with the issue

Gotcha. I think I found and fixed all of the broken ones which I put in that .zip up above if somebody wants to add that to the github.

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