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SR V4 Beta 18


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10 hours ago, 4udr4n said:

Quick questions, does SR's Larloch's Minor Drain suffer from the issue described here: https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/71564/foebane-5-how-does-it-work

A quick look at SR 4b18: it doesn't use the subspell to create the effect, it has all effects in the main spell.  Since the EE2.5 bug seems to be in the subspell, I think SR does not need that fix.  (The SR4b18 main spell is very similar in form to Tresset's corrected subspell.)  So I think the answer is, don't worry, no need for a fix.

As for Foebane: if it casts one of the corrected spells, then yes it will use the (working) SR version.  However, I don't know if the IR version of Foebane actually has the same mechanic.

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 I'm on a Mac running the latest Enhanced edition from the App Store , I installed SR first version V4 b18 and then SCS V32. Fresh install of all three. I played on hardcore.


I had Edwin scribbled level 4 remove curse, the spell is called break enchantment not remove curse once in his spell book. 

Jan was caught by a trap near the bridge to the Ancient temple in the cult of the eyeless. He was held, I waited for a long time and he was still held. I tried remove paralysis but I could not remove the hold. Break enchantment worked, is this an SCS issue?

Pierce magic level 6, does not mention Mind Blank in the ingame description but does on the web site it does. Also Rubys

Icons missing for some spells in the shops. Click for screen shots. Also some spell icons have a green surround. Is this intended?

Protection from elementary energy, L4 arcane, never let me select an energy type, so it had no defensive effect whatever . Poor jan


Thanks for the mod. I had previously posted these in the wrong thread.


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In my game, Pierce Magic removes the target's MR for two rounds... I gather this is intended; but it also applies an opcode 142 effect, showing a portrait icon for the lowered resistance, for 12 rounds.  I think there is also a "play sound" effect to indicate that the MR reduction is over; this also happens after 12 rounds instead of two.

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9 hours ago, subtledoctor said:

In my game, Pierce Magic removes the target's MR for two rounds... I gather this is intended; but it also applies an opcode 142 effect, showing a portrait icon for the lowered resistance, for 12 rounds.  I think there is also a "play sound" effect to indicate that the MR reduction is over; this also happens after 12 rounds instead of two.

In my PR with level 6 spell fixes I have this note:

Pierce Magic: aux spell display portrait icon and play sound have durations 72 -> 12. Unfortunately I have not caught any SR patching or copying, so it seems this is vanilla. I suggest then to move the fix to some component of SR.

Since it is not SR that introduces the problem I have not included any fix in the PR. Maybe I should have?

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1) I didn’t realize you were looking at things and made a pull request! Nice. 

2) It has to be a bug with SR.  SR's version  is different - nullifying MR completely for 2 rounds, vs. reducing it by 1% per level.  SR doesn't generally do its work by patching, so I assume it's just a problem in /spell_rev/spwi6xx/spwi618.spl.  The ideal pull request would be a fixed version of that file.

...Aaand, I guess I could have long since done so, rather than talking about it.  :laugh:

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"Dispel Magic Fix (may be used with or without the main component)
This patch fixes the chance to dispel magic to match the spell's description (so there is at least a marginal chance of dispelling effects of a higher-level mage) and corrects conceptual problems caused by the automatic dispelling of all magically created items. More info about its outrageous old behaviour can be found here."

I'm unsure of the differences between EE and vanilla implementation of the spell, or whether SR would install a terrible version of this spell if you *don't* install this component on an EE game, etc.

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6 hours ago, argent77 said:

The referenced items grant various immunities and the minhp effect to trolls and revenants. As a result these creatures can't be killed anymore by normal means.

This would be easy to fix... just script the trolls to go to sleep when they have less than say 100 hit points, which is what they could have as a reserve, and wake up when they have more, and not use a minhp items, at all. Their innate regeneration should wake them up ... not what ever the cheese they have. Fire you say, just set the resistance low enough. See 10d6 fireball with -75% fire resistance creature with 150 hit points, kills it, if it has taken enough damage, as that's average of 120 damage(30/0.25).

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Imo, scripts are the worst kind of "solution" in this case. Classic BG2 uses scripts for troll dying behavior which fails to work on a more or less regular basis. This issue has been fixed in the EE games by using effect opcodes instead.

From what I've seen the "Dispel Magic Fix" code assumes that all instances of opcode 112 refer to magically created weapons which is not the case in this instance. There are already a small number of exceptions hardcoded, but only for vanilla BG2.

Btw, EE contains some improvements for the dispel magic effect (opcode 58), including options how to dispel magically created weapons.

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I can paste some of the notes I made when I took a look at it previously.  This is basically what the code does:

On 2/12/2015 at 3:48 PM, Mike1072 said:

The important parts to look at are the changes to the various resources:

  • For all .itm/.spl abilities and .eff files that contain effect 58 ("Dispel Magic")
    • Change the behaviour of magical weapon dispelling to use the new algorithm with corrected dispel chance (unless the effect is set to "always dispel")
    • Delete all instances of effect 112 ("Remove Item") from the ability
  • For all resources (.itm/.spl/.eff) that contain effect 111 ("Create Magical Weapon")
    • Record the name of the .itm file referenced in the resource parameter
  • For all recorded items that can be created by effect 111 ("Create Magical Weapon")
    • Give them immunity to dispelling
  • For a customized whitelist of magical weapons created by spells (e.g. Energy Blades, Black Blade of Disaster, Phantom Blade, Melf's Minute Meteors, Sol's Searing Orb, etc.)
    • Remove the immunity to dispelling

This means all the items created by effect 111 that are not on the whitelist will be immune to dispelling, and all the ones that are on the whitelist will be subject to dispelling using the corrected dispel algorithm. Compared to the vanilla behaviour, where all magically-created weapons were dispelled automatically and all other dispel chances were bugged, it's a big improvement.

And this is regarding whether it's still needed in the enhanced editions:

On 12/21/2019 at 4:47 PM, Mike1072 said:

Mirror Image Fix: This component fixes mirror images so they no longer protect from AoE spells such as Fireball.

Dispel Magic Fix: This component prevents innate weapons (like claws provided by Polymorph and Shapeshift spells) from being dispelled by Dispel Magic.

I believe both of these bugs were fixed in the EE games, but if you're installing SR's main component, you'll need to install these components to affect the resources added by SR.

I'll probably move the fixes into the main component in the future.

So, yes, we should take a look at fixing the compatibility issue with the TotLM mod / IWDEE.

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To the all modders present here : since February when I've posted here, I've noticed that the works about SR v4 are nearly finished, and your professionnalism and your precision, believe me, is a pleasure to read (to the shame of Beamdog on the way…). I have a suggestion is it possible to release now a finalized version of SR v4 in a very near future for BGTotSC/BG2ToB ? Well, August ? I think now you can stop to split hairs - in good French "to cut the hairs in four" - about the new versions of the spells, giving the fact that the SR v4 Beta 18 with all the rectifications made since November 2019 seems to have its principal bugs currently squished. And now, with the release of the patch 2.6 for the EE games (in beta test) in a near future, I think it would be interesting to release SR v4 for the classic IE games (BG/BG2 only, useless for IWD), because we haven't BG2EE officially translated in French yet (, but the console versions of BG2EE have currently this translation and it's a new one) and the translation in my language will be released (?) only after the EE patch 2.6; it explains why the majority of the French players, like myself, play yet BG2ToB until now. I hope that my proposal will be heard, and thank you for all your efforts.

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