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PPG: Turnabout Updates to 1.3 with EE Compatibility and Bugfixes!

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Ascension allowed the TOB villain to call up the player's fallen enemies for one final showdown. It also gave the PC expanded Bhaal essence powers. Yet the player was still denied an equal privilege to bring back fallen allies to join in the fray. As we see it, turnabout is fair play.:

Through this mod, the player gains a limited ability to mimic the actions of the mad high priestess of Bhaal. When each of Throne essence pools is disrupted, the player can choose to recall one fallen ally from a selected list of characters from Baldur's Gate 1 and 2, for a maximum of three. In much the same way as the character granted new life to Sarevok in the beginning of TOB, and could choose to do so for Bodhi in exchange for her service in Ascension, the PC can offer the same boon to one of the Turnabout allies.


Thanks to @Cirosan , Turnabout v1.3 is available with EE compatibility and many bugfixes!

The update also finally fixes the loading issues with the three pools.


Version 1.3 requires Ascension v2.

Please note: there are two different packages for Enhanced Edition and classic BGII/BGT. Pleaqse download the one you need for your game.

Download Turnabout from the Mod's Page

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